Weekly Wrap Up Sunday

Okay I should warn you that it seems the posts I am featuring this week all have a bite to them. I didn’t set out to do it but as you know I feature posts that I read throughout the week that spoke to me and well, just read and see for yourself. 1.) So my first pick was inspired by the fact that I couldn’t zip my jeans the morning I read it. Yup I was having a fat day and well this post was perfect timing. It is all about how she realizes that being AVERAGE SIZE is more than okay. Read GOT CURVES?  from The Sunny B.  My favorite line was: ” You know who looked great in skinny jeans? Joey Ramone, […]

Weekly WrapUP Sunday

As you all know this week was all about me getting into a Summer Routine. It seems I am not alone. Many of the blogs I read this week were posting articles on the same subjects. Here are a few that stood out and are worth a read. 1.) Holly from Holly’s House (Not a perfect mom’s blog) has a perfect plan on how to survive Summer vacation. I REALLY like her plan. Hint: Involves Alcohol… lots and lots of it! How I’m Going to Survive the Summer 2.)  Cynthia over at CGregoryRun went undercover with a  mission  to bring her insurgents under control as they celebrate the long-lasting celebration known locally as “summer break”.  She is using the “Keep Them Busy” plan. Very cute […]

Weekly Wrap UP Sunday!

This was a crazy week for me and I honestly did not have much time to surf around like I usually do. But there was one very important post that I did read this week that certainly deserves to be featured. I highly recommend that every parent read this. It is a very different post from Flannery over at Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles. Usually I read her blog and laugh. This particular post did not make me laugh it made me scared and mad! It is called:Dragons That Aren’t Slain and is all about how her son said hi to a jogger (who was running down there street) who happened to be a registered sex offender!  There is a fine line between teaching […]

Wrap Up Sunday

1.) Dear sweet and oh so funny Kathleen from AutismHerd is back on my weekly favorite list. Her post Dogs don’t read and Bears don’t use toilet paper made me spit my coffee out I laughed so hard! Kathleen is a great writer… you will be adding her to your blogroll… I did!     2.) Must have been something in the air  because another blogger whom I have featured in my weekly wrap up before posted a very funny blog about advertisements too. Check out Motherhood (Oh and everything in between) and read Advertisement Exemption. 3.) This one is not an actual blog it is an amazing Anti-online bullying you-tube video I came across. Very clever, but watch for yourself.   4.) I found […]


Wow… there were a lot of posts this week that got me rolling on the floor… they made me laugh too! (Sorry I could not resist.) So here are my 5  top picks for the week. Do yourself a favor and check them out… you will enjoy them. 1.) Kathleen from Autism Herd-The ramblings of an overwhelmed mother of  four very active kids..oh, and a couple of them have autism; wrote the funniest post titled: Haunted by humus and other tales of woe. Here is a sample of her blog (FYI: She is referring to her dog in this part not her child!LOL),” THE sheer amount of poop(that he so lovingly left on the floor) was awe-inspiring.  We are talking record books. If people in […]

Wrap-UP Sunday

Every week I read tons and tons of blog posts. They cover all sorts of different topics. There are always a few that stand out to me. I thought it might be fun to do a little collection of my top 5 favorites for the week. I  figured if I enjoyed reading them… and you enjoy reading me, well you get the picture. So starting today, every Sunday will be Wrap up Sunday! Editors Note: No one is paying me to include them… nope they are just posts that I read throughout the week that either caused me to laugh, say “AH HA” or in some cases to cry! The red links are for the blogs, pink links will take you to the actual article […]