What do poop, an inflatable monkey and a Dooney & Burke purse have in common?

The clock reads 2:30am I know this because I am starring at it after being shaken awake.”Mom, my stomach hurts.”, says Jay. I walk him upstairs and rub his back until he falls back to sleep. Then I stumble back into my own bed. 3:15am…Tap Tap Tap “Mom my stomach hurts. I keep going number two.” Jay then proceeds to describe in detail what it looked like. I groggly walk him back upstairs and again get him back to sleep. Once more I fall tiredly into my bed. 3:40am I roll over and notice that there is a light on upstairs. I know instinctly it is Jay. I roll my tired old bones out of bed and once again make the dreaded climb upstairs. I […]