And the WINNER of the Social Thinking Game for Teen Aspies is…

We have a winner for the Should I or Shouldn’t I Perspective TakingĀ  Game from the great folks at Social Thinking ! I wish I could give you ALL a copy but I only had one to giveaway. chose that person to be: Theresa!!! Who left the following comment: I have an amazing young man entering middle school too! He just happens to have aspergers too. Please sign me up for the giveaway! Congrats Theresa. I will be emailing you today asking you to please send me your mailing address! Thanks to everyone else who entered. The more people who respond to these types of contest the more often great companies like Social Thinking will offer to have me do giveaways to you all! […]

I’m Just an Autism Mom- Making Things Up As I GO!!!

As I try to write about something that left me so raw, so emotionally drained that I just could not help but fall into bed last night exhausted; I have the boy in the other room Screaming “POW”, “WHAM”, THWAP” as he watches his batman DVD and the girl is sitting behind me giggling over an online episode of Victorious she is watching on the Ipad. This is my life! It is noisy, loud and totally chaotic and I would not change a moment of it! That is not to say that I would not prefer to fast forward thru some parts of it and speed up to get to the happily ever after parts I so pray we all have. Although then I would […]

The Latest Project from a Hairy Leg Autism Mama…

I just sent an email to the publisher of my local community paper that started like this,” I don’t have time to shave my legs let alone write a weekly column”. Honest to God that is what I wrote and continued on the email all about how they should hire me to do a weekly Parenting humor column. Not sure what will come out of it but for some reason I felt compelled to send that email… TODAY! Weird huh? And the thing is… that line is true. I am so busy and every day I get even more stuff added to my to do list. That is fine because you see I am one of those crazy type A people who totally works better […]

Leaving the Drama for your Mama

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is the day of Amor, Love, Amore… I am out of ways of saying it sorry! Anyway to honor old Cupid and to keep with my Gracie Girl Week… today’s post is about my baby’s need for affection and attention. Maybe it is because she is the second child, the sibling of a special needs kid, or just the fact that she is the product of me a person who always wants to be center stage… my girl craves attention. No not crave… she NEEDS attention and lots and lots of affection. She has a constant need to be cuddled, sitting on my lap or attached to my side. Many days, especially on those days that I am feeling so over […]

I also have a child who DOESN”T HAVE AUTISM… and she is just as special and wonderful too!

I am always writing about Jay, but there is another child who lives in my house. My Gracie. Oh I could fill page after page with cute little things that she says and does. In fact most of the articles I write for my humor column have some of these little nuggets of gold in them. Anyway… the next few days I am dedicating to Gracie Girl. She deserves it. After all being the sibling to a special needs child is no easy task. It is easy to get pushed aside, lost in the after math of meltdowns, therapy appointments and IEPs. Gracie is getting older and coming into her own. Oh she still pushes my buttons and we constantly have to remind her to […]

Another story of how our kids DO HAVE EMPATHY…

I put this as my Facebook status last night but thought it was worth repeating here.Another story of how our kids DO HAVE EMPATHY, Compassion, understand and LOVE. Jay took his own money and bought his sister a Starbucks coffee. (Yes she drinks the ice ones. I know I know I am a bad mom but that’s not the point.) When I asked him why he wanted to do it, he said, “Mom when I was sick she was really nice to me. I just wanted to do something nice for her!” How do you like them APPLES? I like them!

WALK ON… my video about the Autism Speaks walk we did on Saturday

Saturday we did the Autism Speaks Nations Capital Walk. It was our first time ever doing it! WOW… what an incredible experience. To be around so many other families who truly understand, who get it, who KNOW! I cannot begin to express in words what it was like. So instead I took some of the pictures and turned them into a movie. Tomorrow I will blog about an interesting experience we had during the walk… some Autistic adult protesters were there. After the walk we went into the museum across the street so we could go into the butterfly exhibit. A butterfly landed on my Autism Speaks bracelet and stayed with me the entire time. To me it was very symbolic! Anyway… enjoy the video […]


Yesterday I bragged about how mature my boy is getting and how he showed so much empathy and I will go as far as even saying GRACE. (Go back and read if you haven’t already!) Today I am going a step further… are you ready for this? I left my kids (Yes plural) home alone for an hour and they did great!!! It is funny because for a typical family, perhaps this would not be so HUGE… but we are anything but a typical family. My boy may look like an average 10 1/2 year old, but in so many ways he is younger than his 8 year old sister. But I had a meeting at the school (Which is literally across the street from […]

If Our Family Were SHAPES We Would Be…

Gracie walked into my office last night with a homemade book of stapled together sheets of paper. The title on the front page read, “Most Likely to be SHAPES“. Gracie: Mom I have given this some thought, and I have figured out what shapes every member of our family would be. Me: (a bit confused) OKAY… so tell me what would we be? Then my daughter began a very deep presentation that just floored me. Gracie: Mommy you would be a heart of course, because you are kind and compassionate and well… you just love everyone and everyone loves you!   (Of course at this point I had grabbed my girl and laid tons of kisses on her sweet angel face.She wiggled out of my […]