Jay came out of Therapy yesterday quoting the box of a game he played with his new OT. “Take your pick… pull a stick. If the marbles fall…you loose it all. You’re only sunk if they go…Ker-PLUNK!” I laughed because it instantly brought me back to my childhood. Of course I stopped laughing after about the upteenth time he sang that annoying little jingle. I was happy he had a good first session. He talked on and on about the tire and the other swing that looked like a giant Hersey Kiss. He said it was “surprisingly good”. Of course they mostly just played this time… a chance for them both to size each other up. He was all smiles when we left… that is […]

We’re Off to See the WIZARD

We are not in Kansas anymore Toto! Nope… I am smack dab in the middle of the Land of Paperwork! You see before we can see the Wizard today I have to fill out the 10 pages of patient information and make copies of the past two medical and psycho-educational evaluations. Before we can ease on down the yellow brick road I must first call the insurance company to verify OT benefits. And before clicking my heels three times, I must first pull out the old pair of PattiBobs with Arch Filler supports. Okay forget that last one because I certainly don’t think Jay would appreciate me comparing his shoes to very girly ruby-red slippers! You may be thinking, “WOW!Sharon is so clever. Look how […]

Doctors and OTs and PTs oh my!

These past two weeks I have felt a bit like Dorothy lost in the land of Oz. But instead of Lions, Tigers and Bears… it has been doctors, Ots and PTs oh my! I made a huge mistake.When we moved here 10 months ago I decided to wait until after Jay’s IEP to look for therapy. I was naive enough to believe that Jay might actually receive the therapy he needed in school. I told you BIG mistake. Don’t get me wrong, the school has been great. BUT… as long as Jay is academically functioning well, meaning his so-called disabilities are not affecting his grades, well then no services provided. Jay does get some services. He has a wonderful resource teacher who he works with […]