What I was Going To Tell YOU…

It has been so long since I have posted and so many things have been going on that I am almost too overwhelmed to do this. I guess this is my editors note to you all. My warning so to speak that this post will be filled with lots of run on sentences and will skip around and will most likely be very long. So pour a cup of coffee and sit down and stay with me here if you dare. Glad to see that I did not scare some of you away! LOL Anyway I was already to start telling you about meeting with Jay’s principle and how awesome he is and how I left the room almost dancing but didn’t dare because well […]

I’m Just an Autism Mom- Making Things Up As I GO!!!

As I try to write about something that left me so raw, so emotionally drained that I just could not help but fall into bed last night exhausted; I have the boy in the other room Screaming “POW”, “WHAM”, THWAP” as he watches his batman DVD and the girl is sitting behind me giggling over an online episode of Victorious she is watching on the Ipad. This is my life! It is noisy, loud and totally chaotic and I would not change a moment of it! That is not to say that I would not prefer to fast forward thru some parts of it and speed up to get to the happily ever after parts I so pray we all have. Although then I would […]

My Aspie says he is Spinning the WHEEL of EMOTION and it keeps landing on Bankrupt!

Yesterday was another not so great day, at least that is what the teachers said it was. After a 15 minute TALKING DOWN TO by the teacher on how he knows what is appropriate behavior and the way he was acting is not appropriate… I took my son home. I honestly did not even know where to begin. To make matters worse it seemed Gracie was having her own little Drama because so and so said she did not want to be her friend today. I was ready to lock myself in the bathroom and not come back out, but knew that was not an option. So instead I told the kids to throw their backpacks on the ground and we took a snack and […]

Birthdays and ASD kids… NOT AN EASY MIX!

The party has come and gone and well… we made it! Not only did we make it… we did great! Although it was touch and go there for a bit. Look at this. My Facebook status on Saturday at 8:30am: Oh lord please grant me the serenity to get through today because my voice has already raised many times and they have only been up for 30 minutes. The boy is soooooo over excited that when I asked him to please stop playing with the balloon and to go up and put a long sleeve shirt on under his Laser Tag short sleeve shirt he lost it! Screaming, red face, tears! Oh it is going to be an interesting day! Birthday parties and ASD kids… […]

An Example of a School to Home Communications Daily Log for you to use and Rules for working in a group

Let’s face it, if your child is like mine, getting any information out of them about how their day went is near impossible. Sometimes getting any information out of the teachers is near impossible too. If you follow me on Facebook then you probably saw my post yesterday about what happened when I volunteered in Jay’s class. (You can click the blue Facebook and it will take you to my page and you can read down and see the whole ugly story and what all the wonderful folks in my village community had to say! Make sure to LIKE the page while you are there so you can be a part of the community too.) Anyway one of the things that came out of it […]

Our 3 days in the warm Miami SUN! I miss it already!

We are back from our long weekend to Miami to visit with my dad who had been ill, other family members and of course attend my niece’s Bridal Shower. I flew down by myself with the kids. Now having lived overseas for so long my kids are really good travelers, once on the plane they can amuse themselves and for that I am very lucky. But getting on and off the plane well that is the tough part with them. The waiting part (ticketing, baggage check in, security, boarding, deplaning, baggage claim) is what really does Jay in. But other than one meltdown when Jay saw the LONG line at security at Miami International Airport he did great. And thankfully a really nice TSA agent […]

A Letter to Autism from MAMA

On the heels of my good friend Karen over at Confessions of An Asperger’s Mom who wrote a wonderful post called Dear Worry… here is my letter to autism. Dear Autism, Hey there “A” how you doing? Really great! Listen I don’t mean to be rude and all but do you think that perhaps for just a few days you could kind of take a hike, you know get lost, go on a vacation? Most days Autism I don’t mind you being around. You are a part of my boy. I love him just the way he is so that means you too. But the thing is… I am at my wit’s end Autism. Seriously… I am done. I am exhausted and just don’t have […]

A Merry FUENTES Christmas-Better late than never

So daddy came back on Tuesday and well… lets just say the kids were excited to see him. Not sure if they just missed him a lot or Really Really wanted to open their gifts. I made them wait a little longer (I know how mean am I) and we ate our Christmas Dinner. Perhaps it was the Turkey that made Jay sleepy and thus cranky, or all the waiting or maybe just the change having daddy home… whatever it was he was a whiny mess. But that did not stop him from tearing into his gifts. End result was this…And even with all that, that smile above is all we got. Look at it compared to Gracie! I knew something was up but could […]

Going Home- Tears and cheers at the same time

I cannot believe how fast our time here in Miami has gone by. But alas… today we pack up the car, the kids and the dog and again hit the road. We are not only leaving behind sunny 80 degree weather, leisure lazy mornings, late night chess games with grandpa, unlimited computer time and our endless supply of Cuban Crackers (Jay and my husband’s most favorite thing in the whole world and something we cannot get back home) we are also leaving behind family and friends not knowing when we will see them again. So I am bracing for the meltdown already. I have already seen little signs of one coming. My brave Jay is doing his best to keep it together but it is […]

On Mama’s Last NERVE or How my Hubby burned his “Manly STUFF” with a Hair Dryer…

When I start a post with a disclaimer like, “I Love my children, BUT…” You know it is not a good sign. Today’s rant has nothing to do with autism. Nope it is just the whining and grunting of a mom who has been pushed to the edge. A mom who was hanging on by a string, and not a very long one mind you, and then SNAP… there it went. But it is also a very funny post… hey I am going to explain how my husband burned his “Manly parts” with a hair dryer because of me and my going over the edge! Now if that doesn’t keep you reading, not sure what will. Some wise person (if I ever get my hands […]