An Autism Fairytale- How we went from happily ever after to not so happy to yes it is OKAY to be happy again!

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom there lived a King and Queen. One day the Queen decided that it was time to have an heir. For many months they tried to conceive this child but to there regret, nothing happened. Twice the Queen became pregnant but alas those babies were not destined to walk the earth. The Queen grew sad. Then one day the Queen found out that she was with child. Her joy could be heard throughout the land. An even bigger celebration was held when the Queen found out that not only would there be one child their would be two. But one day the Queen felt ill and went to the royal doctors. What was once a twin was […]

Making Happy Memories in Miami

Two years ago we came down here to Miami to visit my parents and spent the entire visit  sitting by the hospital bed of my father wondering if he would make it through another day. It was touch and go there for a while and we were grateful for the time we had with each other. Perhaps it was the memory of those days that made yesterday so much sweeter. Yesterday my family and close friends gathered around, just like we did two years ago, but this time we were there to celebrate a momentous occasion. Yesterday we surprised my parents with a small but special 50th anniversary brunch. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter, good food, and lots and lots of love. […]

On Mama’s Last NERVE or How my Hubby burned his “Manly STUFF” with a Hair Dryer…

When I start a post with a disclaimer like, “I Love my children, BUT…” You know it is not a good sign. Today’s rant has nothing to do with autism. Nope it is just the whining and grunting of a mom who has been pushed to the edge. A mom who was hanging on by a string, and not a very long one mind you, and then SNAP… there it went. But it is also a very funny post… hey I am going to explain how my husband burned his “Manly parts” with a hair dryer because of me and my going over the edge! Now if that doesn’t keep you reading, not sure what will. Some wise person (if I ever get my hands […]

A Special Message To My Husband On Our Anniversary

I used to be a romantic. I remember reading every fairytale growing up.I believed in love at first sight, the magic of a first kiss and happily ever afters. Then I got my heart-broken… no not broken, squashed, stomped on and kicked to the curb like day old garbage. Granted that first time around I now know was not real love. I was young and more in love with the idea of LOVE then the person at the time. I made a lot of bad decisions and I paid the consequences. I was bitter and very much anti- LOVE. And then I met a man who would literally sweep me off my feet. LITERALLY!!! I guess what they say is true, when you are not […]

With this RING…

A little piece of my heart is missing! I know that is a pretty dramatic way to start off a blog post. I also know that after I explain why many of you will think how silly I am. But still… I can’t help but feel the way I feel. So why do I feel like a little piece of my heart is missing… because I have some how lost one of the diamonds from my engagement ring /wedding ring. My wedding ring surrounds my engagement ring and makes one beautiful ring. Well it did. Now it looks like this. (see picture) This was not one of the diamond chips I lost… it was a pretty big stone and I have no idea how or […]

A letter to my husband,

Dear Sweet Husband,                                                                                                                           I know I should be thankful to have a husband who is kind enough to help around the house. I applaud your initiative to start the laundry without me asking. It is for this reason, my love, that I will not complain about the fact that you washed bathing suits in the same load as your work jeans. I can easily overlook, my darling, […]

Apollo was my cashier at the Grocery Store!

Hubby loves to go grocery shopping! I know can you believe it? I on the other hand despise it. I can think of twenty million things I would rather do than grocery shop. Where hubby takes his time lingering down the aisles and eating all the free samples they pass out (Perhaps that has something to do with him liking it so much), I race through grabbing stuff off the shelf in such a hurried frenzy you would think I was trying to catch a bus. I can’t send the man alone to do shopping. If I did that he would come home with everything but what I wrote on his list, and then I would need to go back myself anyway. So… this means […]

Wrap-UP Sunday

Every week I read tons and tons of blog posts. They cover all sorts of different topics. There are always a few that stand out to me. I thought it might be fun to do a little collection of my top 5 favorites for the week. I  figured if I enjoyed reading them… and you enjoy reading me, well you get the picture. So starting today, every Sunday will be Wrap up Sunday! Editors Note: No one is paying me to include them… nope they are just posts that I read throughout the week that either caused me to laugh, say “AH HA” or in some cases to cry! The red links are for the blogs, pink links will take you to the actual article […]