The Lean Mean Rice Eating Clean Machine or… How the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo saved my dog from having to join Weight Watchers

Every week I get at least one email asking if I would like to review a product or book. Most of the time I decline politely. My thinking is that if the product is not really something you all would or could perhaps benefit from learning about, why bother. I was about to do my standard “Thank You But No Thank You” reply to the request to try out BISSELL’s Perfect Sweep Turbo but then I saw how it is supposed to be good for picking up dog hair and that it is QUIET. QUIET… do you see why this caught my attention? Let me explain. Grace has asthma and allergies. We just found out that one of the things she is allergic to is […]

My Boy is GROWING UP!!!

Some how when I wasn’t looking… he grew up. It seems like this past week he has matured right in front of my eyes. He is more independent and self-confident not to mention taller! At almost 5’2″ and 118lbs already (and he is only 11) my boy is growing up. This morning before we got in the car for me to drive him to school, I stopped and just looked at him. He smiled patted me on the back and said, “Okay go ahead and snap my picture. I know you want to!” LOL! I am so proud of him…but you know what… look at this face, I think he is even more proud of himself! Here is to a great 2nd week of school! […]


So by the title of this post you are probably making guesses as to who is shedding the tears and who is screaming the cheers. Well believe it or not they are both ME!!! Yup folks, the same woman who put a countdown clock on her page (Just look over to the top right and you will see it there) to remind her of the beloved day that school starts back… yup the same woman who is longing for the quiet, for the structure and time to actually get her writing and work done. Yes folks now that the time is quickly approaching I am sad! I am also scared out of mind. I am more nervous for Jay to start middle school then he […]

Mama and No Guile Go to the FARM- Mama’s TURN…

Literally it is My Turn to tell you about the fabulous day we all had on the Farm today. You see No Guile : Life and Other Stories from Autism beat me to the punch and already did this POST. Check it and while you there check out her other blog posts and then go HERE and like her Facebook page because she is GREAT! And I can say that now because she is not just some random person I only know from the internet… she is now an official stalker whom I met in person! Just kidding… I stalked her and invited her to go with us!  Oh and for the record if you clicked and read HER blog post you will recognize the […]

What Have You Done For Yourself Lately BLOG, BOOK REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and as I stopped to think about all the brave men and woman who gave their lives to protect us and secure our freedom… I started thinking about all those folks mothers and fathers too. Especially the mothers. Moms who gave up so much to raise their children and then the pain they must have felt and still do feel now that they are gone. That got me thinking about all the other moms in my life too and the pain and difficulties they have in their lives now. And well before I knew it, it got me thinking about me and how I am as a mom and yes my difficulties. Which of course then got me thinking about who […]

Things To Do When You Are Home Sick- by my 8 year old daughter Gracie

Mama’s Editor’s Note: Okay folks my daughter wrote this and asked that I share it with you all. It is so cute I had too! Feel free to leave Gracie a comment and make sure to check out the story we wrote together (mostly her I just typed) while she was home. It is found under Gracie’s Turn Now Tab above. Okay without further ado… Gracie’s post! Hey folks, it’s Gracie here. First, I’d like to apologize. I know I haven’t written a post in a while. HEY, girls are busy. O.K. the last couple of days I’ve been sick. YUCK. At first I was a bit bored. But then I decided to make a list of things to do while you are home from […]

You got to think of a better word than “WEIRD” to describe our family, that’s for sure!

If you are an active reader in the Autism bloggy world, you may have noticed a lot of post where the bloggers are talking about how WEIRD they are and how weird is the New Norm. For those of you have some how been hiding under a rock somewhere and don’t know what I am talking about, feel free to read Here,  Here or even Here. Go ahead… I’ll wait. WHISTLE WHISTLE WHISTLE, tap foot tap foot tap foot, Look at watch … AHHHH… now you get it! All for a great cause. Well even though I have left several messages on several different blogs declaring my own weirdness… I feel compelled, for the sake of that 11 year old, my OWN 11 year old […]

There are some days that I totally get why some animals EAT their young!

Oh don’t raise your eyebrows over the title of this post… you know you have those days too. And if you say you don’t… YOU ARE LYING! So why am I feeling rather carnivorous today, well perhaps the fact that my son has picked up this annoying habit of Questioning me on random things, when I KNOW HE KNOWS the answer already. It is  as if he is just trying to prove to the world that he is smarter than me. Hello dear first-born… you don’t have to quiz mama I concede to that fact already. Seriously our life these days is like living in an ongoing Jeopardy episode. “I’ll take English Literature for $200 Alex.” “The Author of Alice in Wonderland.” Annoying Jeopardy music […]

My Aspie is standing on the doorstep of puberty… and I am NOT ready to open the door and let Puberty in!

Jay will turn 11 next week and well… the hormones are kicking in. At least I think they are. I am not certain how much of the way he is acting and what he says lately is real or show. Perhaps both! Here is an example of what I mean. We took him back to the doctor yesterday to review the CT scan. The doctor confirmed that Jay does in deed need surgery but that it is only on his right foot and does not look as bad as she was thinking it would be. He still needs the surgery because if not taken care of it will get bad. But because it is not so bad she was telling him that most likely he […]

Amazing how 3 cups of coffee can give you an entirely new perspective on things!

You know you have been married a LONG time when you ask your hubby to buy you a new coffee maker for Valentine’s DAY! Yup that is what I did. And to my happiness… the wonderful man gave me my new maker EARLY! Sunday morning I awoke to the smell of dry roasted goodness! Oh how I had missed that. Along with the new fancy schmancy maker were 3 bags of flavored coffees for me to try. Well of course that meant I had to try ALL 3 this morning! I went from this: To this: The transition was obviously too much because my son, who had just informed me the day before that he had learned about the dangers of  inhalants in his DARE […]