Leaving the Drama for your Mama

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is the day of Amor, Love, Amore… I am out of ways of saying it sorry! Anyway to honor old Cupid and to keep with my Gracie Girl Week… today’s post is about my baby’s need for affection and attention. Maybe it is because she is the second child, the sibling of a special needs kid, or just the fact that she is the product of me a person who always wants to be center stage… my girl craves attention. No not crave… she NEEDS attention and lots and lots of affection. She has a constant need to be cuddled, sitting on my lap or attached to my side. Many days, especially on those days that I am feeling so over […]

When One Door Closes… Watch out for your nose!

I was all prepared to do a heartfelt meaningful post about reflecting on my past year. All the change that happened and what my hopes and dreams are for 2012. Then Jay walked in and asked what I was doing. Jay: What you doing mom? Writing another post? Can I read it? (He glances at my blank post.) Hmmm… not much to look at mom. Having trouble? Maybe I can help. Me: Maybe you can. Jay how do you feel about the year coming to an end? Jay: Both sad and happy. Sad cause I really liked being 10 and being in elementary school. 2012  will bring a lot of change for me mom. I am going to be 11 and in the fall I […]

A Merry FUENTES Christmas-Better late than never

So daddy came back on Tuesday and well… lets just say the kids were excited to see him. Not sure if they just missed him a lot or Really Really wanted to open their gifts. I made them wait a little longer (I know how mean am I) and we ate our Christmas Dinner. Perhaps it was the Turkey that made Jay sleepy and thus cranky, or all the waiting or maybe just the change having daddy home… whatever it was he was a whiny mess. But that did not stop him from tearing into his gifts. End result was this…And even with all that, that smile above is all we got. Look at it compared to Gracie! I knew something was up but could […]

FINALLY… the post about how Christmas really went!

With photos too! So by now if you read my Facebook page you know that all in all it was a great holiday for us. I was prepared for the worst and surprised by the best. Okay maybe BEST is stretching it, but all in all it did go well. So we had a plan. Many of you have been asking if things went accordingly. It started out that way. First we made cookies. Of course eating them was the most fun. I gave them total creative freedom. We ended up with a Christmas caterpillar and a Christmas fish! I love the lips on this fish! How cute is she?After the cookies we started our movie marathon with The GRINCH! This too was a success. […]

Our PLAN for Christmas Eve and Christmas

Yup a Plan people, as in a written document, a Santa Checklist so to speak, a football playbook. Yes sir, we have a plan, because well, that’s how we roll around here. Gotta have a plan. Most years we have done the same thing. Hubby’s family is Hispanic. Christmas Eve is a really big deal for them. I am talking roasting a pig in a huge box in the backyard kind of big. (And yes I do believe that was the BIGGEST adjustment for me… after all I am Jewish, no oink about it!) SO every other year we have not had to have a plan because well, the kids knew even if there was not a box in the backyard with Miss Piggy in […]

You Know You Are the Mother or Father of an Aspie at Christmas Time When…

You Know You Are the Mom or Dad of an Aspie at Christmas Time When… 1.)  When Photoshopping a picture of your Aspie in with the rest of the family for the Christmas card seems perfectly normal 2.)  When you find yourself wondering if the Grinch was just a misunderstood Aspie who needed some social skills training. Why can’t those WHOs accept  him for the unique hairy green guy he is! Sigh 3.)  When you feel like calling the 5 o’clock news because your Aspie participated in making the Gingerbread house with the rest of the family without you having to bribe him with the promise of a new video game or book 4.)  When making the above mentioned gingerbread house suddenly is  no longer […]

What do poop, an inflatable monkey and a Dooney & Burke purse have in common?

The clock reads 2:30am I know this because I am starring at it after being shaken awake.”Mom, my stomach hurts.”, says Jay. I walk him upstairs and rub his back until he falls back to sleep. Then I stumble back into my own bed. 3:15am…Tap Tap Tap “Mom my stomach hurts. I keep going number two.” Jay then proceeds to describe in detail what it looked like. I groggly walk him back upstairs and again get him back to sleep. Once more I fall tiredly into my bed. 3:40am I roll over and notice that there is a light on upstairs. I know instinctly it is Jay. I roll my tired old bones out of bed and once again make the dreaded climb upstairs. I […]