What I was Going To Tell YOU…

It has been so long since I have posted and so many things have been going on that I am almost too overwhelmed to do this. I guess this is my editors note to you all. My warning so to speak that this post will be filled with lots of run on sentences and will skip around and will most likely be very long. So pour a cup of coffee and sit down and stay with me here if you dare. Glad to see that I did not scare some of you away! LOL Anyway I was already to start telling you about meeting with Jay’s principle and how awesome he is and how I left the room almost dancing but didn’t dare because well […]

My head hurts from beating myself up over the way I handled a situation…

I am my own worst critic. I judge myself the harshest. This is what I tell myself… but I am thinking that might not be true. I may be my daughter’s worst critic and judge her the harshest and I am so ashamed to admit this. There was an incident this morning. A fashion crisis that was so stupid and over the top and well I did not do anything to help the situation. I escalated it with I TOLD YOU SOs and should have’s and shouldn’t halves. I raised my voice and spoke too sternly. I cared too much about what other people would think instead of my own daughter! And I have been beating myself up about it all morning and quite honestly […]

And the WINNER of the Social Thinking Game for Teen Aspies is…

We have a winner for the Should I or Shouldn’t I Perspective Taking  Game from the great folks at Social Thinking ! I wish I could give you ALL a copy but I only had one to giveaway. Random.org chose that person to be: Theresa!!! Who left the following comment: I have an amazing young man entering middle school too! He just happens to have aspergers too. Please sign me up for the giveaway! Congrats Theresa. I will be emailing you today asking you to please send me your mailing address! Thanks to everyone else who entered. The more people who respond to these types of contest the more often great companies like Social Thinking will offer to have me do giveaways to you all! […]

I’m Just an Autism Mom- Making Things Up As I GO!!!

As I try to write about something that left me so raw, so emotionally drained that I just could not help but fall into bed last night exhausted; I have the boy in the other room Screaming “POW”, “WHAM”, THWAP” as he watches his batman DVD and the girl is sitting behind me giggling over an online episode of Victorious she is watching on the Ipad. This is my life! It is noisy, loud and totally chaotic and I would not change a moment of it! That is not to say that I would not prefer to fast forward thru some parts of it and speed up to get to the happily ever after parts I so pray we all have. Although then I would […]

Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming!!!

For some families, weekends are all about sporting events. They pack their mini vans with portable chairs and a cooler of drinks and off they head to the soccer field to watch little Johnny score another goal. For others the weekends are all about family adventures… a time to explore a cavern, hike a nature trail or camp in the woods. And then there is my family. I am reasonable with my expectations for weekends. For us the weekend is about just relaxing as my boy needs that down time after being on GO all week. But every once in a while I long for an outing. Oh sure we have managed to be able to do a movie together … but I am talking […]

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

I have a confession to make… I am a fake, a liar a really good actress. I know how to dish out advice but actually following it… I am not so good at.  Perhaps I should back up a little so you understand where this is coming from. Gracie has been having a real hard time this past week. With Jay needing even more of my time because of his foot she has been , well jealous, unruly and even downright disrespectful. Not just to me… at school to her teachers and her friends too. In fact her teacher even said to me, “Sharon I get where it is coming from, but if you don’t get a hold of this now, well when hormones kick […]

Things To Do When You Are Home Sick- by my 8 year old daughter Gracie

Mama’s Editor’s Note: Okay folks my daughter wrote this and asked that I share it with you all. It is so cute I had too! Feel free to leave Gracie a comment and make sure to check out the story we wrote together (mostly her I just typed) while she was home. It is found under Gracie’s Turn Now Tab above. Okay without further ado… Gracie’s post! Hey folks, it’s Gracie here. First, I’d like to apologize. I know I haven’t written a post in a while. HEY, girls are busy. O.K. the last couple of days I’ve been sick. YUCK. At first I was a bit bored. But then I decided to make a list of things to do while you are home from […]

There are some days that I totally get why some animals EAT their young!

Oh don’t raise your eyebrows over the title of this post… you know you have those days too. And if you say you don’t… YOU ARE LYING! So why am I feeling rather carnivorous today, well perhaps the fact that my son has picked up this annoying habit of Questioning me on random things, when I KNOW HE KNOWS the answer already. It is  as if he is just trying to prove to the world that he is smarter than me. Hello dear first-born… you don’t have to quiz mama I concede to that fact already. Seriously our life these days is like living in an ongoing Jeopardy episode. “I’ll take English Literature for $200 Alex.” “The Author of Alice in Wonderland.” Annoying Jeopardy music […]

Leaving the Drama for your Mama

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is the day of Amor, Love, Amore… I am out of ways of saying it sorry! Anyway to honor old Cupid and to keep with my Gracie Girl Week… today’s post is about my baby’s need for affection and attention. Maybe it is because she is the second child, the sibling of a special needs kid, or just the fact that she is the product of me a person who always wants to be center stage… my girl craves attention. No not crave… she NEEDS attention and lots and lots of affection. She has a constant need to be cuddled, sitting on my lap or attached to my side. Many days, especially on those days that I am feeling so over […]