I am numb. Yesterdays events have left me raw, emotional and like so many other parents around the world lifting my head up towards the sky and asking WHY while in the same breath saying “THANK YOU” for my babies being safe and sound. My heart aches for those families in CT who are suffering right now, trying desperately to understand what has happened and the fact that their precious love one is no longer there beside them. I can not, nor do I ever hope I can, imagine the grief and anger they must have. ANSWERS is what they want. ANSWERS will not bring back their son or daughter, wife, mother or friend… but still they seek them. I get this, really I do. […]

My head hurts from beating myself up over the way I handled a situation…

I am my own worst critic. I judge myself the harshest. This is what I tell myself… but I am thinking that might not be true. I may be my daughter’s worst critic and judge her the harshest and I am so ashamed to admit this. There was an incident this morning. A fashion crisis that was so stupid and over the top and well I did not do anything to help the situation. I escalated it with I TOLD YOU SOs and should have’s and shouldn’t halves. I raised my voice and spoke too sternly. I cared too much about what other people would think instead of my own daughter! And I have been beating myself up about it all morning and quite honestly […]

I’m Just an Autism Mom- Making Things Up As I GO!!!

As I try to write about something that left me so raw, so emotionally drained that I just could not help but fall into bed last night exhausted; I have the boy in the other room Screaming “POW”, “WHAM”, THWAP” as he watches his batman DVD and the girl is sitting behind me giggling over an online episode of Victorious she is watching on the Ipad. This is my life! It is noisy, loud and totally chaotic and I would not change a moment of it! That is not to say that I would not prefer to fast forward thru some parts of it and speed up to get to the happily ever after parts I so pray we all have. Although then I would […]

I’m different, You’re different and my boy certainly is different… and that is FINE… until its not!

I am nervous to write this post because I know my Jay sometimes comes on here and reads this and I certainly do not want him to take this the wrong way. So Jay if you are reading this… let me start off by saying: “YOU MY DEAR BOY ARE PERFECT! EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS PERFECT! I am writing this post because I want others to know that I am just human… and sometimes even this mama feels things that well… are just that, human! I am not proud of feeling this way, but like I tell you, it is what it is. I can own up to feeling this way, share it with others so they know they are not alone, then well… move […]

DEAR LORD… why do you let Bullying happen?

Dear Lord, I know in the big picture of things I certainly don’t have a right to be bothering you. You have mamas saying prayers to you as they stand by the side of their dying babies, people who have had their whole world destroyed by tornadoes or some other natural disaster, important things are on your plate, things that affect a greater number of the population. I understand this, and yet, here I am Lord, reaching out to you because well… I am lost. I am lost because there has always been something that has gotten me through the tough times, HOPE and well lately… that Hope has been a bit harder to see. I became aware of something that happened the other day […]

Let’s Keep it Going…

My head is spinning. Over 31,000 people on Facebook and 20,000 here on my blog viewed A Letter To the Mom Who Rolled Her Eyes At My Son. The comments and emails… well they touched my soul to say the least. My heart breaks to think how much my story resonates to so many others. Actually it makes me very sad to know that so many of you have had your own “Eyes Rolled” moments and much worse.  Story after story brought me to tears. The mother who wrote to me about the man who yelled at her child who was simply playing in a ball pit that he had no business being in there with the other normal kids. The little girl in a […]

A Letter to the MOTHER who rolled her eyes at my son

Dear Other Mother at Physical Therapy, For the past three days I have watched you roll your eyes at my son. I can see your annoyance with him when he gets loud and interrupts your quiet making it hard for you to read your book. I saw your anger when he accidentally bumped into you and just kept going instead of stopping to say he was sorry. I hear the hostility in your voice as you yell for the technicians to pay attention to your daughter and stop giving my boy extra attention. And for three days I have said nothing. I said nothing because you see I  empathize with you. Who knows what has brought you to this place, but something happened that made […]

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

I have a confession to make… I am a fake, a liar a really good actress. I know how to dish out advice but actually following it… I am not so good at.  Perhaps I should back up a little so you understand where this is coming from. Gracie has been having a real hard time this past week. With Jay needing even more of my time because of his foot she has been , well jealous, unruly and even downright disrespectful. Not just to me… at school to her teachers and her friends too. In fact her teacher even said to me, “Sharon I get where it is coming from, but if you don’t get a hold of this now, well when hormones kick […]

My Aspie says he is Spinning the WHEEL of EMOTION and it keeps landing on Bankrupt!

Yesterday was another not so great day, at least that is what the teachers said it was. After a 15 minute TALKING DOWN TO by the teacher on how he knows what is appropriate behavior and the way he was acting is not appropriate… I took my son home. I honestly did not even know where to begin. To make matters worse it seemed Gracie was having her own little Drama because so and so said she did not want to be her friend today. I was ready to lock myself in the bathroom and not come back out, but knew that was not an option. So instead I told the kids to throw their backpacks on the ground and we took a snack and […]

An Example of a School to Home Communications Daily Log for you to use and Rules for working in a group

Let’s face it, if your child is like mine, getting any information out of them about how their day went is near impossible. Sometimes getting any information out of the teachers is near impossible too. If you follow me on Facebook then you probably saw my post yesterday about what happened when I volunteered in Jay’s class. (You can click the blue Facebook and it will take you to my page and you can read down and see the whole ugly story and what all the wonderful folks in my village community had to say! Make sure to LIKE the page while you are there so you can be a part of the community too.) Anyway one of the things that came out of it […]