I am numb. Yesterdays events have left me raw, emotional and like so many other parents around the world lifting my head up towards the sky and asking WHY while in the same breath saying “THANK YOU” for my babies being safe and sound. My heart aches for those families in CT who are suffering right now, trying desperately to understand what has happened and the fact that their precious love one is no longer there beside them. I can not, nor do I ever hope I can, imagine the grief and anger they must have. ANSWERS is what they want. ANSWERS will not bring back their son or daughter, wife, mother or friend… but still they seek them. I get this, really I do. […]

No more Mrs. Nice Guy

Deciding when to tell your child about his diagnosis is difficult. It is such a personal thing and no book can possibly give you the correct answer as to when is the perfect time. Believe me, I read them all so I would know if they did. But there comes a time when you just have to do it. Our time was last year. Jay was in Third Grade. Jay’s teacher was the one who told me it was time we should tell him. She said that Jay was starting to realize that he was different from the other kids and that perhaps he was confused about it. At first I was angry. How could this woman possibly know this and I, his mother did […]