It’s My Birthday TODAY and this is what I plan on wishing for when I blow out the candles…

I could wish for this… or I could wish to go here… Or at least like I was there by eating this… then I could wish that even if I ate all that I still was able to do this… But even though I would love to not have to worry about money, to travel to Italy, to dine and wine like there is no tomorrow and to be THIN… That is not what I will be wishing for when I blow out all 43 of my candles on my homemade cake that my baby girl loving made following the recipe in her cake Boss Cook Book she got for her birthday. No what I will wish for has to do with this…To see that […]

Birthdays and ASD kids… NOT AN EASY MIX!

The party has come and gone and well… we made it! Not only did we make it… we did great! Although it was touch and go there for a bit. Look at this. My Facebook status on Saturday at 8:30am: Oh lord please grant me the serenity to get through today because my voice has already raised many times and they have only been up for 30 minutes. The boy is soooooo over excited that when I asked him to please stop playing with the balloon and to go up and put a long sleeve shirt on under his Laser Tag short sleeve shirt he lost it! Screaming, red face, tears! Oh it is going to be an interesting day! Birthday parties and ASD kids… […]

And the WINNER of the $25 Target Gift Card is… picked this comment… Autism warrior LI NY | March 5, 2012 at 9:33 am | Reply | Edit Congrats on the 1 year! and thanks for sharing with us! Great job you have done! it’s always nice to find fellow mother warriors , we all come together for one cause…to help each other help our kiddos!! Much love and best wishes! ~heather Congrats Heather, AKA Autism Warrior Long Island New York! Please send your mailing address to: Thank you to everyone who entered and left a comment. I meant this contest to be a thank you to you all, and it ended up being a not expected love fest! WHICH I LOVED!!! LOL I sincerely appreciate every comment you left. You are my […]

A Dog’s Life- And I want it!

If there is reincarnation, an after world, and all that… well I want to come back as my dog. This pooch has it good. This past weekend we had his Birthday party. Gracie was so excited, even Jay was excited. I was not so excited until it started. I have to admit it is hard to not smile when you see a bunch of dogs running around sniffing each other and acting well… like dogs. So to give you an idea as to what I am talking about, here is our $20 party. That’s right… everything you will see cost a total of $20. The decorations, the cakes (both dogs cake and human cakes)doggy favors… EVERYTHING!

A Birthday Party for a DOG… really???

Ask me what I have been doing all morning? Go ahead ask me? I cannot believe I am writing this and admitting it but I have been searching the web for DOG Birthday Ideas? YUP I have finally lost it. As if I don’t have anything else better to do, I have caved in and agreed to throw our spoiled pooch a 1st birthday party! The kids were so excited about the idea and well, I had to because Jay through this at me, “Well mom we had a party for your Facebook page getting 200 fans surely the dog is more important than that?” Then he pouted his lips and batted those HUGE hazel eyes at me with those eyelashes. ( Seriously why is […]

Whose Birthday is it?

Mine that’s who!!!  I won’t bore you with how old I am but I will say it is older than 41 but younger than 43! ha ha And I think I look damn good for my age if I do say so myself! And I just did so there. My celebration started Sunday when hubby took me to Best Buy and we finally bought a new computer! How exciting is that. Our old one was almost as old as I am. Okay maybe not that old but it was certainly a dinosaur. We needed it big time. Then last night hubby and I actually went out to dinner by ourselves. How nice is that! We were able to sit and enjoy an entire glass of […]

Diving After the Ring

Note from Editor: The following post was written on a piece of scratch paper that I found at the bottom of the kids swim bag, while I sat on a lounge chair waiting while Jay had his last swim lesson.   He is off today. I am not sure if it is because of the meltdown he had earlier over french toast or if it is because this is the last lesson. He knows summer is coming to an end. My boy doesn’t do well with endings. He just doesn’t know how to express his sadness in an appropriate way. I have to laugh. The instructor has asked Jay to swim the length of the pool, again, and his response was, “Seriously? I’m tired. I’m […]

Check your Expectations at the door please!

First off did you notice the countdown ticker on the right hand side? Need I say more? We recently returned from a quick little get away to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. What I thought was going to be a fun and relaxing trip in which we would all recharge our batteries was anything but. I wish I would have checked my expectations at the door when we checked in at guest relations. I would have had more fun and saved myself and the family a lot of grief. You see, Autism is not a great travel companion.  It’s a heavy carry on bag that is most definitely too big for the overhead compartment.  You try to not pack it, but somehow when you get […]