Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming!!!

For some families, weekends are all about sporting events. They pack their mini vans with portable chairs and a cooler of drinks and off they head to the soccer field to watch little Johnny score another goal. For others the weekends are all about family adventures… a time to explore a cavern, hike a nature trail or camp in the woods. And then there is my family. I am reasonable with my expectations for weekends. For us the weekend is about just relaxing as my boy needs that down time after being on GO all week. But every once in a while I long for an outing. Oh sure we have managed to be able to do a movie together … but I am talking […]

WALK ON… my video about the Autism Speaks walk we did on Saturday

Saturday we did the Autism Speaks Nations Capital Walk. It was our first time ever doing it! WOW… what an incredible experience. To be around so many other families who truly understand, who get it, who KNOW! I cannot begin to express in words what it was like. So instead I took some of the pictures and turned them into a movie. Tomorrow I will blog about an interesting experience we had during the walk… some Autistic adult protesters were there. After the walk we went into the museum across the street so we could go into the butterfly exhibit. A butterfly landed on my Autism Speaks bracelet and stayed with me the entire time. To me it was very symbolic! Anyway… enjoy the video […]


Lemonade stands and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. I have so many fond memories of parking myself outside of my family’s house and selling glasses of the sweet yet sour stuff as well as chocolate chip cookies and anything else I could think of selling. One time I even tried to sell homemade greeting cards! Yeah that didn’t go over so well. Can’t blame a girl for trying. So when Grace and Jay said they wanted to do a lemonade stand I was defiantly on board! What a great way to teach them so many important skills, and I am not just talking about math folks. In order for my son to sell lemonade well he has to interact with people. Talk […]

Arthur from PBS Asperger Episode!

Okay perhaps I am way behind the times and you all are already aware of this. It is quite possible, after all my kids are more into Cartoon Network then PBS these days. We were also out of the country for some time and well this did not translate into Portuguese I guess. Anyway, a friend posted this on her Face Book page and I clicked it. I was very impressed with what I saw and felt the need to post. Below is a clip of the episode. (The entire episode can be viewed online at the PBS website. The episode is called

Seeds of Compassion, Roots of Empathy and Flowers of Acceptance

Today marks 2 months of my blogging. For two months I have being doing everything I can to raise my voice, share my personal experiences and well just bring awareness to Autism. In my kids’ school I have become somewhat of a pest. My persistence has finally paid off and on May 15th our school will have a Diversity Fair that I am planning. Of course this type of event did not merit a special day to its self (YET). It has been tagged onto an already existing event, Beautification Day. On this day students and their families come to school with spades and shovels in hand, sleeves rolled up and ready to get dirty. Literally. I needed to figure out a way to incorporate […]

It’s World Autism Awareness Day and I am in my Pajamas

It is finally here… World Autism Awareness Day. You would think I would be out celebrating but I am not. I am sitting here in my pajamas. Granted they are blue but still it is almost 2pm and I am wearing Pajamas. I was feeling rather guilty about this until I started reading several of the Blogs I have found from the Autism Community. It seems that my nonchalant attitude about the day is normal. Don’t get me wrong. I am proud that today exists and it makes my heart swell with pride and appreciation when family and friends tell me they are wearing blue today and lighting up their homes. But today will come and go. For us Autism Awareness Day is every day. […]

Reason to PARTY

I am on Cloud Nine right now! It’s April 1st and that means it is AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH! My kids were all dressed in Blue today and wearing there Light it up Blue Pins and a special puzzle piece pin that we made. When I asked Jay what he would say to people if they asked him why he was wearing them he said, “It’s for Autism Awareness.” Okay check, one right answer. So then I asked him, “What if they ask you what is autism. What will you tell them?” And my BABY held his head up high, pulled his shoulders back, smiled and said, “I will tell them I HAVE AUTISM. People with autism think differently. Like me. We are not sick, we […]

No Blue Slime This Year

About a week ago Jay came up with a great idea and decided to write to Nickelodeon and ask them to to turn there usually Green slime BLUE during there Kid’s Choice Awards Show which airs this Saturday, April 2nd which just so happens to be the same day as World Autism Awareness Day. It was a fabulous letter and I have to admit I thought it was a very clever idea myself. For the past 8 days Jay has been dreaming about not only watching some of his favorite TV Stars get slimmed with the gooey BLUE stuff but watching it in person. He had created this scenario in his head that the producers of the show would love his idea so much that […]

Coming Out of The Shadows Video

I felt like being creative today so instead of a written post… well I made this video. This is my first time ever doing something like it. The sayings came straight from Jay’s mouth when I asked him about having Autism. If you would like to share the link you can, just please let me know you are doing so first. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!