Do You ZOOM?

The Spring Issue of Zoom Autism Magazine was just released and like the other two issues before them… I am so proud! They just keep getting better and better. So many incredible writers in this issue. Don’t believe me? Check this out… Candid interview with Asperkids author and creator, Jennifer Cook O’Toole about being autistic, acceptance and her new book, Sisterhood of the Spectrum Stimeyland blogger Jean Winegardner on Autism Acceptance Month Autistic activist and Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking blogger, Amy Sequenzia zooms in on Attitudes, Information and Education Humorist and NY Best Selling Author, David Finch, pens a witty essay on Acceptance The Jigsaw Tree online community founder, Helen Teasdale explains the difference between Non-Verbal Learning Disorder and Aspergers To Be or Not to Be…In Drama […]


As April approaches I feel compelled to come on here and post because I know that old blog post I wrote many moons ago may reappear and I want to clarify things. You see just like my kids have grown older and more mature and wiser… So have I. Years ago when I first started blogging I was gun hoe trying to get the world to Light it up BLUE in April, raise money and support the Autism Speaks movement. But then I had the privilege of meeting so many autistic adults who have taught me so much. I am so grateful to these folks who are working so hard to pave the road that my boy and so many others will travel down. These […]

Why I Believe in Santa… and I’m Jewish!

“I’m not ready to stop believing in Santa Claus,” my 75-year-old father told me right before he passed away. “Daddy I think you are confused, you’re JEWISH!” I giggled. While my father was accepting of the fact that all his children had married out of the religion and therefore celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas, he himself remained very conservative in his Judaic ways making this whole “ Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” conversation bordering on the absurd. Yet, I was not shocked for towards the end of my father’s days these types of arbitrary remarks were not uncommon. But this time, it was different. What he said next would forever change my life. Fast forward several months to the day my then 10 […]

geek + club + books = autism awareness, acceptance and POSITIVE CHANGE!

You know how a person one day just seems to pop up in your life, and you really are not sure how, or why BUT once they are there and you have the pleasure to get to know them, you start to wonder how you ever lived with out them being there cause they are just so awe inspiring and special and unique? (Wow that was a huge run on sentence… sorry! But forgive the horrible grammar and keep reading okay? I promise you will not regret you did.) Anyway, that is how I feel about Jodi Murphy from Geek Club Books. Jodi has such passion, drive, vision and love for her children that you cannot help but want to jump right in and help […]

Gracie’s Turn Now- Since mom hasn’t been blogging much (LOL)

Gracie here, Mom has been really busy with Zoom Autism magazine (which by the way have you seen the new website? I’m so proud of her!) and since it was my doggie’s birthday…I got permission to come on here and tell you all about it. The night before his birthday we bought our pooch a new bed and blanket. I wanted to keep them in the garage so we could surprise him the next day, but mom did not let me. So we gave it to him early. 🙂 At first he was scared of it and kept sniffing at it and staring longingly at his old bed. Mom was kind of annoyed by that. But eventually he climbed in, realized how soft it was […]

The Birth of ZOOM Magazine… I am so excited

So once again I have been MIA lately. I hate how I am not blogging like I used to. But I really do have a good reason this time. I have been putting together all the content for the premiere issue of ZOOM- Autism through many lenses magazine. What? You haven’t heard about ZOOM? Well then before I go any further, check this out… I am the writer part of that beautiful video. I am so excited about this project. It just sort of happened, out of a conversation that was more talk than real. But then we started thinking about it and well… it just seemed like we had to explore the idea. Before we knew it Jodi Murphy from Geek Club Books (the […]

My 10 and a half Principles to Leading a Happy and Successful Life!

I’m a jumper! No not a jump out of airplanes, off bridges or on a trampoline kind of gal; more of a I have so much passion about something I jump in full throttle and sometimes don’t realize the water is full of sharks until I am already in!This past week I JUMPED… and for a bit the water was great and then… cue JAWS music! And so yet again another life lesson was learned.I decided I really needed to write these down as a reminder to myself, my kids and well… maybe just maybe they will help you! So without further ado, I give you ten and a half (cause the last one is more of a mantra) principles I have learned (and hopefully […]


“Fore!”, originally a Scottish interjection, is used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball. It is also what my son Jay has taken to yelling every time he tries to hit the golf ball, even if there is not a soul in sight. EVERY TIME! And every time as he checks his grip on the club, makes sure his knees are slightly bent and takes a practice swing; he looks out towards the black and white flag way out on the green with a look of determination that fills my soul with hope and love. It’s summer and while we are enjoying the lazy starts to the day, a slower a pace and no homework… it takes its toll […]

May the FOURTH be With YOU!

This is Jays favorite weekend of the year. Yesterday free comic book day (which he of course participated in) and today Star Wars Day. To celebrate the occasion my boy has happily parked himself on the couch in his Star Wars lounging pajamas and he will remain there content repeating lines and flapping excitedly during the battles ALL DAY LONG!!!! And I will look on in awe at what pure sweet innocent joy will be illuminated by my son today! We can learn a lot from my kid. (Picture shared of course with permission and shows my boy Jay on the couch reciting the opening scroll message from heart and holding onto his own hands because he became self aware that he was flapping. But […]