Our 3 days in the warm Miami SUN! I miss it already!

We are back from our long weekend to Miami to visit with my dad who had been ill, other family members and of course attend my niece’s Bridal Shower. I flew down by myself with the kids. Now having lived overseas for so long my kids are really good travelers, once on the plane they can amuse themselves and for that I am very lucky. But getting on and off the plane well that is the tough part with them. The waiting part (ticketing, baggage check in, security, boarding, deplaning, baggage claim) is what really does Jay in. But other than one meltdown when Jay saw the LONG line at security at Miami International Airport he did great. And thankfully a really nice TSA agent saw Jay starting to loose it and whisked us to the front of the line, and joked with my boy the entire time so that by the time we had to walk through the metal detector he was fine! Thank you Kind TSA agent! THANK YOU!

The flight attendants took a liking to my babies and even arranged for them to visit the cockpit when we landed. I was able to snap these shots. The actual visit went really well too. My father looked great and the kids had the best time with him. Dad has a library in a shed in the back of his house. He buys books and then resells them online. One of the kids very favorite things is to go out to the shed and find the books that Grandpa sold . As soon as they woke up they would run into Grandpa’s room and ask if any other books sold. Then run out to the shed in their Pajamas to find them. Very sweet and memories I know they will always. Just look at these happy faces.On Saturday we decided to take advantage of being in WARM, SUNNY MIAMI and went to the Marina. The kids convinced me and my mother in law to take them on a short cruise throughout the harbor and through the fancy Million dollar homes. Even though this was Jay’s idea we still had a few sensory issues to overcome.

But once we boarded he seemed okay. As long as I stayed outside on deck with him. At one point Gracie convinced him to do a whole Titanic thing. Look for yourself.

Once we really started going Jay relaxed and went into his own world. he was so calm and peaceful. I love this shot I snapped of him. Jay stayed with Grandpa while the Girls went to the Bridal Shower, which was very very nice! When we got home, I started repacking. Jay lost it. he really did not want to leave. In fact , without me having to ask him to do so or anything, Jay crawled up onto Grandpa’s lap. It was very sweet. The two of them have such a strong relationship! Just look at this picture. Although the kids hated leaving Grandma and Grandpa and their Abuelas behind, they were glad to come back and see daddy and of course Stanley the dog. (Don’t tell my hubby but I think they were more excited to see the dog than him! Shhhhh!) Hubby missed us too cause their was a welcome home balloon for the kids and flowers for me and a chocolate chip cookie cake for all us waiting for us! Of course our home coming celebration was cut short cause we had to prepare for school today! Something they were not excited about.

Getting away was nice but also it creates total stress. I loved seeing my family but taking Jay out of his normal environment is tricky. I have a wonderful family though that really goes out of their way to help make it not only easier… but fun for the kids. So even though I was stressed traveling with them… it was a nice getting away. Of course a couple of these helped to…

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