Finally I can breathe a little sigh of relief

Yesterday was the big day… the neurologist appointment. After dropping Gracie off at a friend’s house Hubby and I drove to the office. Jay was unusually chatty. Non stop switching from topic to topic so fast my head was spinning. Usually during car rides he has his nose buried in a book or he is too busy battling Droids on his DS. Perhaps my sensitive boy could feel my own anxiousness and was trying to keep me occupied from my own thoughts. I would not put it past him.

We arrived at the office building and actually found a parking spot up close. We entered the building and Jay immediately spotted a snack shop. With a  promise of a treat AFTER the appointment we went searching for the office.

I was supposed to sign on using this computer in the waiting room, but it was frozen. So I did the unthinkable… I knocked on the glass window of the receptionist. You would have thought I had pulled the curtain on the wizard. The woman snapped at me and pointed her long freshly manicured finger at the sign that said to use the computer. As she was about to shut the sliding glass window on my face I stuck my not so manicured finger (the middle one too)in the way and told her about the computer. She huffed and puffed and came out to see what was wrong. All I wanted to do was to check in and sit down but no she left me standing there like an idiot. After changing the batteries on the mouse and the computer still not working she finally acknowledge me. Of course by this time I was ready to turn around grab my baby and leave this place… but we waited too long for this appointment to do that. So I pasted on a smile and even complimented the woman on her high-heeled boots. That definitely got her to be a little more human. When in doubt go to the shoes people… works every time.

No sooner did I sit down Jay’s named was called. I was impressed that it was the doctor himself that had come to get us. I thought that was nice. I later mentioned this and he said that with kids on the spectrum he knows the fewer people the less change the better. I liked that.

We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries and then got to the matter at hand. First there was the questions, blood pressure, weight, temp and the likes just like any doctors office. Then he checked his eyes by making him follow his finger with his eyes and not moving his head, which for Jay is much easier said then done. Reflexes came next … you know that little hammer like thing to legs, arms, hands… Jay really hammed it up there. “Oops sorry Doc didn’t mean to kick you in the BUTT!” Then he cracked up because he said BUTT! Okay I admit so did my husband and I! He checked his strength by having him hold his arm and not let the doctor pull them part and not let him push them together.  Then he asked Jay to walk in a straight line one foot in front of the other, walk on his heels, his toes. It was like watching your kid do a sobriety test at a police checkpoint.

Jay was excited when the doctor told him he passed all the test with flying colors. We then went on to talk about the headaches, the frequency the severity. I told the doctor how hard it was as a mom to sometimes tell the difference between real aches and pain and just his hypersensitivity do to his Aspergers and Sensory integration. He shook his head understanding what I meant.

Bottom line is that he does not think Jay is experiencing migraines and if he is they are not severe enough to merit messing around putting the kid on medicines for them. Of course since migraines are hereditary and hubby gets them things can change as he enters puberty! But for now why mess around. What he does think he is getting is stress and tension headaches which can feel just like a migraine. You see when Jay gets one of these headaches he is still able to read and reading makes him relax which makes the headache go away. SO the doctor spent 15 minutes talking to Jay about things he can do when he is stressed that will make the headaches go away. And Jay for the most part listened.

I addressed my concern about seizures. I told him how Jay spaces out sometimes. I asked him about autism and the statistics of kids on the spectrum being more prone to these partial seizures which look a lot like they are just spacing out. The doctor listened to me and once again nodded. He asked if I was able to snap him out of his space outs by redirecting him with something he likes or tickling him. The answer was yes… not a seizure then. He also told me that even though there is much research showing the correlation between autism and seizures that Aspergers is different. The likely hood of a child with Aspergers having seizures is really no higher than that of a neurotopical child. I must have let out a very audible sigh of relief because both the doctor and my husband turned towards me and laughed!

The doctor shook our hands and told hubby and I how glad he was to see us. How  he would rather have two parents who were overly cautious, overly concerned than ones who wait until something is really really wrong. He told us to keep doing the great job we were doing! And with that we left to go by Jay his promised snack from the overly priced snack bar.

And when we stepped outside the office building, for the first time in what seems to be weeks… I was able to breathe!

7 thoughts on “Finally I can breathe a little sigh of relief

  1. That’s great news. Better to be safe than sorry. I hope the coping techniques work for Jay and he gets some relief from those headaches!

    1. Sarah post this on my facebook page and see what folks say. Also I write for DFW THRIVE magazine which is a quarterly publication for special needs parents done by Dallas Child. I am sure their are some resources in their to start with!

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