Our Trip to the Vice President’s ( AS IN UNITED STATES) House

Well we went, we saw, we almost melted down but we held it together! I figured the best way to tell you about our outing is through pictures.

First I have to show you just how cute Gracie looked in her outfit from Hartstrings!  For over 30 years, Hartstrings has been providing children with classic, American styles with a modern flare. From dresses to cardigans, from rain boots to pajamas, Hartstrings offers it all! Hartstrings offers outfits perfect for every occasion that are sure to create the memories you and your family will treasure. Like this sweet Bow Dress my Gracie wore to the Vice President’s party.  Thank you Hartstrings for this outfit! She looked  like a living doll!

Jay looked very sharp himself! And like a Politician! LOL

Then we left for the party. They played DS the whole way there and were actually in a good mood when we arrived. Had to snap a shot at the gate. The house looked so pretty too. Speaking of pretty… the pretty lady with the kids is my Mother in law who came up from Florida to go with us to the party. (Hubby was at the party too but in case you haven’t noticed… I never put pictures of him on my blog.) Then we had to wait in a very very long line, and for part of it outside. That was tough. This was where we almost lost Jay. No place to sit down, people all around us, strange place, wearing new shoes, a suit… yeah I can see how it was difficult for him.Thankfully I was able to distract both of them (especially Jay) by letting them play Angry Birds on my phone.  There were a few other things to help distract them too. Like the Air Force Musicians who were playing Christmas Carols. They were so good and so nice. Jay wanted to take a picture and they stopped right in the middle of Silent Night to pose for him. Too funny! Finally it was out turn to take our picture with the Bidens. Of course that picture was taken by the Professional Photographer and we will get it later so sorry I don’t have it now to show you. Funny story though. We take our picture and are starting to walk away but Jay stops for a second and smiles at the Vice President. The Vice President grabs him playfully and says, “Hey where are you going? Come back here and talk to me.” (Mind you there was a bunch of folks behind us in line waiting to take their picture.) Jay stops and says , “Do you have any of those good cookies from last year?” I thought the VP was going to fall over in laughter but he was so good. “”Hmmm… not sure but I promise you we have some kind of cookies. How old are you now. Let me guess… your double digits  right?” Jay stood up taller and said, “Yes I am 10 now. I was only 9 last year.” Once again the President laughed. He slapped him softly on the back and said… “I love this kid! Your doing a good job Mama!” I said thank you and then we left in search of these…Which jay was quick to try. (Off with their heads first of course.)They were in deed different from last year but Jay says they were good. As was the SPRITE which he was quick to inform me was the real stuff and not just some cheap Lemon Lime imitation. HAAfter they ate about a dozen cookies each I got them to pose in front of one of the many trees in the house. This is the one that sits in the corner of the Blue Dinning room.  (My favorite) It was so pretty! Then we took a picture in front of this tree! I love this shot with my babies! After this picture Jay announced it was time to go. Never one to push my luck… we decided he was probably right. As we claimed our coats the kids were given a little take home treat. A very cute Snowman cookie. We also got a lovely commemorative ornament for our own tree at home. (Which is basically a metal engraved version of the tag that was on the kid’s cookie below.This year’s party was attended by many more people than last year and therefore the Biden’s did not get a chance to come around and talk to folks like they did last year. I think the fact that there were sooo many people was also what got to Jay , understandably so. But all in all he did great. They both did great. Getting all dressed up and shaking hands with a bunch of grownups is hard for any kid. I was proud of them both. After the party we stopped by the White House to see this year’s tree. Okay I hate to say it… BUT IT IS SO UGLY! Don’t believe me? Told you! At least the train cities around it were nice. We also drove through Arlington Cemetery to see the 100,000 wreaths on the graves. That was incredible and really worth seeing if you are in DC.

So there you have it. Our exciting Sunday in a nutshell. I can’t wait to get the official photo. No snapshots with Biden and Brownie Bear like how we got one with Flat Stanley last year. But still it was nice. And something that I am sure my kids will remember. At least the cookies part they will! LOL

DISCLOSURE: I  received the free outfit mentioned above as part of a promotional program with Hartstrings and MomSelect.

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