Autistics Speaking Day- My 10 year old Aspie tells it like it is!

I was all prepared to blog about my horrible experience trying to get my boy to take his Albuterol inhaler puffs… oh the nightmare that was, but then I read Spectrummy Mummy’s post about how today is  Autistics Speaking Day. So I thought, well my Aspie is home, let me ask him and give him the chance to well… SPEAK. To reach out to you all to offer his pearls of wisdom… which I often try to do every day here but some how I can never really capture. You really got to spend a day with my boy. He is amazing!

So I showed him the following info below which is an excerpt from a different blog about Autistics Speaking Day from The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.  For those too lazy to click over there, here are the goals for the day:

Goals for Autistics Speaking Day

  • To raise not only autism awareness, but also acceptance
  • To battle negative stereotypes about autism
  • To by advocate for the inclusion of autistic people in the community
  • To offer a forum to broadcast the messages of autistic people and non-autistic allies to as many people as possible.

So I asked Jay, my 10 year old Aspie, to come in and I showed him the above. He scratched his head and looked at me with his big Hazel eyes and he said…

“Mom… I am not a trained monkey. You can’t get me to perform on command. I can’t just come up with your blog posts like that. Your hurting my head! “

And there you have it folks… I think his words are perfect for today! You see… my son is just like any other boy. He thinks, he loves, he laughs he cries… his head hurts when asked to perform and he is stressed out. Just like you and me.He may not take the same path you or I take to get from A to Z… but he gets there, in his own time, his own way. And not only does he get there… he arrives with about a million observations and facts about the things he saw along the way. That’s the thing… you see he REALLY SEES THINGS… and how sad that others can’t take the time to do the same for him. For if they gave just an extra glance, an extra second, a moment to really look at my boy, talk to him SEE HIM… well their life would never be the same! I know mine is not! As I said before… MY BOY IS AMAZING!

For more information on Autistics Speaking Day check out these:

Here is the website: Autistics Speaking Day .

Here is the Facebook page: Autistics Speaking Day.

Here is the Facebook page for the event: Autistics Speaking Day 2011.


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