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  1. Hi I just love the drawing, fabulous. Today I got the phone call I dreaded to please come pick Emile up because he had hit another child, I thought we were making such big progress last term and was starting to relax!!!! Now I am anxious again. he does not seem to cope being at school for longer than lunchtime. What surprised me was that he hit a big Kid ( last year of Primary school) he punched him in the face and stomach and made him cry just because he was copying him…. I am at a loss. But this morning I got a big hug and “I love you mummy” and that made me cry because I don’t think he has done that before well not that I remember I get plenty of “I hate you” “you are not the mummy I wanted”etc which hurts to the core. This child is slowly ebbing all the life out of me I swear but i do love him to bits I just wish I could make things better. Sorry to rant.

    1. Oh Angela… our kids just don’t know how to communicate the right way. Jay used to do that that. Instead of saying stop that or I don’t like it when you copy me, he pushed the other child or even haul off and hit. I felt like we had done social story after social story and still… Don’t give up on Emile. He is getting it. I find when Jay acts out like that now, usually something else is going on too that has caused him to not be able to handle all the outside stimuli in teh correct way. Perhaps he has a cold, or he is in the lunchroom where it is very loud. Sometimes digging around to see where he was and what was going to get him there helps. Every time we had and still do have a problem it is during free time (recess unstructured play so to speak.) Now the teachers keep an extra eye and try to defuse any situations before they might happen. Yu are not alone. We all feel the way you are feeling! One day at a time sweet lady!

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