Giving It My 93% Effort…

I seem to be juggling a lot of things lately. I am not complaining I like to be busy. I am a Type A personality gal. The more stuff thrown at me, the better I usually do.The thing is that lately I have been feeling like I need a giant hefty bag instead of a catcher’s mitt to grab it all.

I was in the middle of quizzing Jay on his spelling words yesterday when I received a phone call from Autism Speaks. They wanted to remind me that the walk I signed up to do was coming up soon. They thanked me for participating and asked if there was anything they could do to help with fundraising. I felt so ashamed. You see that has been something, something important mind you, that I have needed to do and just have slacked on. The nice woman on the phone assured me though that if I gave it my 110% effort she was sure I would be able to reach my goal. I hung up the phone even more deflated.

Jay saw me upset and asked why. So I told him. Do you want to know what my so very wise son said? I’m going to tell you anyway so you might as well say yes. He said, “Mom don’t they know that 100% is the maximum anyone can give? 110% is not possible!”

That comment got me thinking even more. Now stay with me here if you can while I think (or write) out loud. Most people sleep 6-8 hours a night. Well that would be 25% of your day that you are just not able to give 100%. So right there we are down to 75%.  In all actuality we should be saying that we are going to give things 75% effort.

But wait a minute. according to most grading scaled 75% is a C. We all know I am a type “A” girl so a C won’t cut it. Hmmmm… 93% and above is an A.

So there you have it…for now I am going to cut myself some slack and say I am going to give everything my 93% effort!

On another note… anyone in the Northern VA area who would like to join MAMA’S TEAM in the Nations Capital Walk… let me know. I have to figure out how to put the donation thing on my blog (It is one of those things I need to give 93% effort to) so if you are not local but would still like to support a GREAT cause you will be able to!

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