If Our Family Were SHAPES We Would Be…

Gracie walked into my office last night with a homemade book of stapled together sheets of paper. The title on the front page read, “Most Likely to be SHAPES“.

Gracie: Mom I have given this some thought, and I have figured out what shapes every member of our family would be.

Me: (a bit confused) OKAY… so tell me what would we be?

Then my daughter began a very deep presentation that just floored me.

Gracie: Mommy you would be a heart of course, because you are kind and compassionate and well… you just love everyone and everyone loves you!


(Of course at this point I had grabbed my girl and laid tons of kisses on her sweet angel face.She wiggled out of my embrace and continued on. )


Gracie: Now Dad. Dad would be a star. Even though we don’t always see him, cause he travels so much and all well… like a star he is always still there, looking out for us. Also the star is on a badge so it only makes sense.


(Wait… it gets better.)



Gracie: I would be a moon! Because I have lots of different faces and sometimes you see me and sometimes you don’t!

Me: And Jay? What would your brother be?

(Gracie sat for a minute then smiled and said.)


Gracie: Jay would be a circle. Circles go on and on and on and on and never stop… just like Jay!


Oh how I love that girl! She is right. But what she also did not say was that while the circle depicts something unending,  it also symbolizes the unknowable, the unmeasurable and the indefinable aspects of life which surpass and baffle our rational minds. Sounds a lot like a certain boy I know!

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