Screw you, he ain’t hurting anyone and he is happy so leave him alone!

Thankfully this week has not been as hot as last week. The rain has come and saved the day. But last week was brutal. On Friday I needed to get creative, so I took the kids to the fountains. They had a blast. At first I got some looks from some moms as Jay was the oldest and well… he plays a bit differently than others. He would run in and then work his way to the middle and then sit. He created this whole imaginary world where the water around him was this force field. He would tell the other kids to watch out for demons and goblins which transformed themselves into droplets of water. The kids would look at him strangely, but he did not care. One child even told him he was strange… Grace was quick to set that kid straight! I was tempted to pull him over and tell him to perhaps take it down a notch, but he wasn’t hurting anyone, he was happy so you know what… I said screw it and let him do it. It was liberating for us both. Afterwards we  got ice cream! YUM! It was a perfect way to brave the heat! Just look at how much fun we had.












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