Annoying Children- But I guess I’ll keep them anyway!

My post is late today… ask me why? BECAUSE MY CHILDREN ARE ANNOYING ME! We all are going a little stir crazy. We haven’t been running around the past few days because we don’t want to leave the new puppy home alone too long. But today I had to go to the grocery store. I wanted to tire out the pooch and perhaps the kids too so that everyone would just calm down. It worked for the dog… not so much for the kids. Lets just say we gave our grocery store a good show… I will leave it at that!

As I sat down to finally write this post which I told the kids was going to be called “ANNOYING CHILDREN” they both started bickering about who was more annoying and why. To quiet them down, and perhaps to amuse myself, I decided to give each of the kids a chance to rant about one another. So I present to you… the writings of my annoying children who just so happen to be very funny writers too. I typed but it was all their words!

Annoying Brother by Grace
Today me and my family went grocery shopping. We had to leave my new puppy Stanley at home. Jay said, “I think Stanley is going to go delusional and try to break out and eat everything!” I said, “That’s crazy, Stanley would never do that.” Then my mom said, ” Kids we need to take a long walk with him to get him tired.” I said,” Do you mean Jay or the dog?” (I was thinking if Jay was tired he wouldn’t annoy me, but mom meant the dog.)

10 minutes later… he started annoying me… Jay not the dog!

I know he has Aspergers, but does he have to be so annoying?

Two hours later…

Jay rubbed my back while I was trying to take a nap on the couch. I know it was him… because I haven’t taught the dog that trick yet. I guess he is not so bad after all. (But he is still annoying!)

Annoying Sister by Jay

She is the one who was begging for us to stop on the walk… and then she even asked ME to push her on the swing when we got to the park. She annoyed me… while I had a “Bad” time in the grocery store… she was being a KISS UP to mom. She bugs me when I am on the computer, she bugs me when I am reading, she even bugs me when I watching TV. But I still love her. I even rubbed her back out of the goodness of my heart… and to look good in front of mom!

There you have it… Thing 1 and Thing 2. Annoying little monsters who deep down really do love and even LIKE one another. Not that they would ever admit it.

But I have to admit something… even though they make me want to pull my hair out… I thank G-d every day for this. I mean my kids are acting like “Typical” siblings. Jay is interacting with Grace. That is something that many other autism moms cannot say.

4 thoughts on “Annoying Children- But I guess I’ll keep them anyway!

  1. LOL awesome posts from two very funny people! It reminds me of my two little terrors (oops – I meant angels). It’s true though – I appreciate the bickering from my two because they are autistic.
    “and to look good in front of mom” – gotta love the truth lol

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