Review & GIVEAWAY CONTEST of Dream Catcher Weighted Blanket

As many of you may remember, a couple of weeks ago after having an “Ah HA” moment and figuring out that Jay craves weight, I did a post asking for opinions on weighted blankets. Shortly after that post I received a message from the owners of DreamCatcher Blankets asking if I would like to have a blanket for Jay to review! Of course I said yes. I also told them that I would be completely honest. So without further ado… here is my first review! (And make sure to read all the way down so you can see the great GIVEAWAY I am doing… hint It’s a DreamCatcher Blanket! Good hint huh?)

From the gecko it was a great experience. Eileen called me to talk about Jay and his needs. Eileen and her husband JC are not only the founders of DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets, they are also the parents of a son with autism. So they get it… believe me they get it!

We talked about Jay’s issues, how he was so restless, how he would wake up several times in the middle of night and then have trouble falling back to sleep; how he tossed and turned so much he would kick off all his covers and how he would sleep with about 4 blankets a menagerie of stuffed animals and just about everything but the kitchen sink. She asked me about his likes, his favorite colors if he preferred cotton or flannel… we talked! It was as if I was talking to a friend. I liked that! So we ended up going with a pre-made Cotton Twin size 13lb weighted blanket in plain royal blue because that is Jay’s favorite color. Jay weighs 95lbs  which would mean he would usually get about an 11lb… but since he craves weight, Eileen thought the 13lb would be best.

And then we weighted for our blanket.

Honestly it was not a very long weight at all. In fact the Blanket shipped on the 7th and we had it on the 11th. BUT Jay was excited and every day when he got home from school he would ask the same question, “Is it here yet?”

Finally it arrived. You would have thought it was Christmas! I was impressed with the packaging. There was also a very detailed letter included that gave washing instructions. YES the blankets can be machine washed and DRIED IN THE DRYER!!!! Jay immediately grabbed the blanket and draped it over himself. Of course he pretended to fall asleep… right there on the stairs… the goof ball!

I was finally able to pry the blanket out of his hands so that I could examine it myself. Now I am not a sewer… however, I know what good seamstress work looks like. This was excellent workmanship. The blanket itself was soft and smooth and the color was vibrant and looked beautiful on his bed in his room.

Jay could not wait to jump into his bed. In fact, even though it was the middle of the day, he grabbed his DS and hopped in. I went back a little while later and this is what I found…


It has been 4 night since we got the blanket. The past 4 nights have been incredible. Jay has not gotten up once in the middle of the night! He says it feels like he is in the Hull of a Ship (Can you tell he recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean?) When I asked what he meant, he said he feels like he is deep down, safe. He says the blanket is calming. He also does not toss and turn at all. In fact he loves not having to remake his bed every morning… me too!

So would I recommend this blanket? HELL YES!!! And not just for kids with Sensory Issues. They say that work for adults too and for all sorts of other conditions including insomnia, anxiety even menopause!  THESE THINGS WORK!!!! Well they worked for Jay at least. I want to see what it does for Grace but I can’t convince Jay to let go of it! LOL

Here is the best part of all this…Eileen from  Dream Catcher Blankets has generously offered to Giveaway a custom weighted blanket to one of my lucky readers! This is a $200 value. (Blanket up to Full size and any weight up to 15lbs; you even get to pick the fabric!!!)

To enter, you must: 1.) Like Mama’s Turn Now on Facebook then come back here and leave a comment saying you did.  If you are already  a fan of my page then just leave a comment letting me know you are; and 2.)Like DreamCatcher Weighted Blanket on Facebook then come back here and leave a comment letting me know you have done so.  DreamCatcher is offering a 15% discount to all people who LIKE them on Facebook so even if you don’t win this contest you are still a winner by Liking them!  Enter between now and midnight EST on June 30th. Winner will be picked by Random.org and winner will be announced on July 1st via this blog, Twitter and on Facebook. Remember that you must LIKE  Both Mama’s Turn Now and DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets  and then leave a comment HERE in order to be eligible for this giveaway. One Comment equals one entry. Therefore by LIKING both Mama’s Turn Now and DreamCatcher and then leaving a separate comment stating you have done so for each, you now have two chances to win!

Want 5 more chances to win? Just do the following and then come back here and leave a separate comment for each saying you did. 1.) Follow Mama’s Turn Now on  Twitter; 2.) Follow DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets on Twitter; 3.) Retweet this contest on Twitter; 4.) Post this contest on your Facebook Page; 5.)  Post this contest on your Blog

Enter to win today!

Go to DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets’ web site to check out all the great  fabric types, colors and patterns. And don’t forget to look around their site! There is so much information there!


50 thoughts on “Review & GIVEAWAY CONTEST of Dream Catcher Weighted Blanket

  1. I liked both mama’s turn and dreamcatcher on facebook. I have actually been in contact with dreamcatcher to get a weighted blanket for my son so to win one would be awesome.

  2. Don’t enter me in the drawing, because I actually just got a Dream Catcher blanket for my kiddo this winter. He likes it a lot. *I* like it a lot. It’s actually my favorite blanket to nap under. 🙂 This is a great giveaway. Thanks to Dream Catcher for being so generous.

  3. I liked Dream Catcher on fb, though I’m not quite sure why I put an apostrophe d at the end of my last “liked.”

  4. I’m following Dream Catcher on Twitter! (had to find them in your follower list. hehe. They are twitter.com/weightedblanket

  5. I am already a fan of Dream catcher Blankets. I am glad that you are able to benefit from these wonderful creation. I am a mom for a 10 year old boy with Autism and it was a miracle for us 🙂

  6. I’m so glad these were helpful for you. Am an Aspergers Cousin, Autism Aunt and I also have a chronic condition that these blankets are supposed to be useful for. I am looking for a good company to purchase from. Do you have any recommendations that are not Dreamcatcher? Unfortunately when I contacted this company for DME help they were unhelpful then became abusive towards me, so I will not do business with them.

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