Gracie’s Very Merry American Girl UnBirthday Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Gracie’s 8th Birthday. We called it a Very Merry UnBirthday party because her real birthday is in August. You would think having a summer birthday would be cool, but for her it is not. Every year the same thing happens… she invites people and they cannot come because they are squeezing in one more quick summer trip before school starts. SO… we decided to squeeze in a birthday party before school ended this year. But we needed to do it on a budget because Gracie wants to go to the American Girl Cafe in NY City for her real birthday. I gave her a $100 budget and together we got very creative. She chose to keep the party small so that her money would go further. Since she is going to the American Girl Cafe we thought it would be fun to use American Girl as the theme. We came up with the idea of Cupcakes to go with it. We made cute cupcakes out  of card stock (sorry I forgot to take a picture of them before we passed them out) and put the following poem on the inside of the invite:

Grace’s REAL birthday is during the summer,

which believe it or not can be quite a bummer!

Everyone traveling near and far,

some by plane some by car.

So we thought we would go a different way

and have her birthday on a different DAY!

Come and help us celebrate

Grace turning ALMOST EIGHT!

The details of the party came next and on the bottom we told the girls to bring their favorite American Girl or any other special doll or stuffed animal they may have.  Now for the fun part. What we did…

I knew we needed some where to put the dolls so after shopping around and seeing how expense doll chairs were… I came up with the idea of making bean bag chairs for all the dolls. I found very inexpensive cupcake fabric at JoAnne’s. I only needed 3/4 a yard and that was enough to make 6 bean bags, the table cover for the doll s and still have some fabric left over. I filled them with rice.  Very very easy to make and the girls loved them and were excited to take them home. Total cost $5.00 for all!

DECORATIONS! Remember we were on a budget. I made the sign on the computer and then punched holes in each letter and then strung a ribbon through it. I used curling ribbons to create a more festive look.  The balloons were left over from other parties, as were the yellow table clothes. I did purchase the cupcake table cloth along with matching napkins and plates. I found them at Michaels on clearance for $1.00 a package! I took plain white gift bags which I already had and glued cupcake ribbon that I also found in the clearance bin at Michael’s  for 50 cents along with handmade labels which had cupcakes on them with each girls names on the wrapper part. I also put these labels on the water bottle tops (I got the water bottles for $1 each at Party City) so that the girls could keep track of whose was whose. Our expensive purchase were the cute cupcake tins , they cost $2.00 each (from Michaels) but were so cute and definitely a big hit so worth every penny. As you can see they got labels too.

When the girls arrived, Grace took each of them over to the doll table to show them where to place their doll. Each doll had her own designated seat with a sign to show where she was to go. There was a table in the middle which of course had a cupcake tray which I made my using the bottom of a plastic cup and then stuck stickers around it and used my daughter’s tiny cupcake lip gloss container as the topper.

After making sure their dolls were comfy, the girls sat down and made cupcake necklaces. 2 necklaces. One for them and one for their doll. I found these necklaces at JoAnne’s they were 2 for $1.00 how could I resist? They also had another cupcake craft which was coloring a 3D cupcake. (Also found at JoAnne’s Fabric Store! These were $1.00 each.) I took a picture of each girl along with her doll wearing their necklaces and during the party I ran up to my office and printed them out and put them inside the cupcake frames I had purchased at Michaels for $1.00 each so that each girl would have a lasting memory of the party.

Of course with a cupcake theme, you must have cupcakes.  I made 13 yellow regular size cupcakes  iced in vanilla frosting and topped with chocolate shavings and special cupcake toothpick topper (which I made by printing off the computer) I put these on a cupcake tree and used the same stickers that I used to decorate the dolls table to make it go together more. I also added some more curling ribbon to make it pop more. I added a “8” candle on top and we had our cupcake cake!

But I also made 4 dozen mini cupcakes which I did not ice. These were the ones that the girls got to decorate and then place in their tins to take home and enjoy! I made things easier on myself and bought the icing already in the icing bags with tips. They come in different colors and I got them at Michaels buy 2 get the third free. It was so much easier than trying to make the icing myself. The girls also had tons of different sprinkles and candies to decorate with. I was impressed by their talent. Watch out Cupcake Wars!

Besides all this they also ate Pizza and the girls watched “Clarissa Stands Strong” an American Girl Doll Movie which we bought on Ebay new for $10 (That was also included in the party total). Each girl went home with a cupcake frame with her picture in it, necklaces, their 3D picture, a pencil with cupcake erasers, their water bottle, the dolls bean bag chair and of course their tin of cupcakes! Not bad for a $100 party!

None of the girls wanted to leave when their parents came to pick them up. In fact one little girl said she wanted to come back the next day and do it again. I took that as a sign of a very successful party!

Hope this helped inspire you and gave you some ideas as to what you can do for your own party!

8 thoughts on “Gracie’s Very Merry American Girl UnBirthday Party

  1. Thanks for Sharing this on your FB page Cris! If you all want real Crative forces envy you need to check out Cris’ site… Crissy’s Crafts she is incredible! I have envy from her! Oh you should have seen the stuff we used to come up with when we worked together in Brazil! Now those were some great parties! SIGH! I would love being a party planner but that would mean my weekends would be working and I cannot do that right now with my kids and hubby’s work schedule so I just have to come up with reasons to throw parties here. I wish I could just sell ideas or something… and not have to be there for the actual set ups and stuff… that would be ideal! LOL

  2. How cute!!! My oldest daughter is turning 7 next month.:) We’re doing cupcakes too. I’m having them decorate aprons them letting them loose to decorate cupcakes and cookies. I’m so excited!

  3. What a fun party! You are quite clever with all the reasonable priced things you found for the party. It goes to show that people don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a party.
    I love the pictures!! If I was a girl I would so want a party like this.

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