Black Cloud Over My Head!

It seems every time Hubby Travels more than 50 nautical miles away from the house, all hell breaks loose.  You’ve read my past posts.  In the past three months while he has been away, we’ve had a mouse in the house, the dryer breaking, the transformer for the kitchen lights blew twice, I hurt my hand and ended up in a sling, I got a speeding ticket and the kids always seem to get  sick. The poor guy is afraid to call home. He says he leaves and a giant black cloud comes out.

Hubby left on Friday and like clock work Saturday Grace got sick.  It went straight to her little asthmatic chest too. Thankfully breathing treatments are a piece of cake with her. She is an old pro.


But  Grace was kind enough to share her germs with her brother. Yup yesterday Jay came down with something… and I do me down. He looked green and you could tell he just felt horrible. Hell the kid didn’t want to play his DS games… that’s how sick he was. 

Of course this all happened on what was supposed to be my shopping day. Once again Old Mother Hubbard Cupboards were bare. If it was just food I needed I could have postponed shopping and ordered Chinese delivery or something until the kiddos were feeling better, but I needed to pick up Grace’s asthma medicine and get Jay something to make him feel better. (He has standardized testing starting on Tuesday… he has to get better!) So I gave Jay some Saltines to settle his stomach and stuffed his pockets with tissues and off we all went to the store. The Black Cloud followed us!

I got one of those sitting carts and squeezed Jay into it. I handed him a tissue box and told him to just hang in there. Then I did my grocery shopping in what had to be Guinness World Record Time. Perhaps I was going a little too fast because Jay started complaining that he felt like he was going to throw up. I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade off the shelf and gave it to him and told him to sip slowly. It seemed to help.

We made it to the next aisle when I heard a scream. I turned around to find Grace sitting on the floor holding her foot. I don’t know how she did it but some how the child managed to rip half  of her toe nail off her big toe. I grabbed her and squeezed her into the cart next to Jay and rushed to customer service.

But the sight of Grace’s blood was enough to put poor Jay over the edge and well… you know what happened… yup right there in customer service! Don’t worry no picture of that one!

I was able to get them both cleaned up, pay for my groceries and get them into the car without any more of a show. As I got behind the wheel, I stopped to take a breath and just calm down. I was chanting to myself, “I Love my Kids. I Love my Kids!” That is when I looked up and saw the bumper sticker on the car in front of me. It was like someone was trying to give me a message.

Message taken!


7 thoughts on “Black Cloud Over My Head!

  1. Hee..sorry for laughing really..because when you are in the middle of it-well, it is awful. WE have the same exact karma-my husband goes away and everyone gets sick and the house breaks. So I feel your pain..thank goodness for hindsite..and the ability to laugh…and great Phyllis Diller quotes to keep us sane..:)

    1. It is very funny now… and even a bit comical during it although stressful too. Hubby says my life should be a reality tv show. He even picked out a name, “The Frantic Life of Sharon”. LOL

  2. Over the years my dear my husband has been somewhat of a professional traveler. That always seems to be when the storms happen! I’m just getting to the part where I don’t envy his freedom to close a hotel room door, turn on his music and enjoy the quiet. Hang in there mama.
    p.s. I haven’t forgotten about the guest post. Just getting to a point where I can work on it.

    1. Thanks Karen. Of course they are better today… Daddy is coming home! LOL
      When ever you can do the post that would be great. No hurry… I know your plate is full.

  3. Wow! When you have a bad day, you have a bad day. Thank you oh so much for not showing Jay getting sick in the store.
    I think I would have just stood in the store and sobbed. Good for you for carrying on and making it funny to boot.

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