Arthur from PBS Asperger Episode!

Okay perhaps I am way behind the times and you all are already aware of this. It is quite possible, after all my kids are more into Cartoon Network then PBS these days. We were also out of the country for some time and well this did not translate into Portuguese I guess. Anyway, a friend posted this on her Face Book page and I clicked it. I was very impressed with what I saw and felt the need to post. Below is a clip of the episode. (The entire episode can be viewed online at the PBS website. The episode is called “>George Introduces Us to Carl. Share it with your kids. The more people who see this the more understood our kids will be.

4 thoughts on “Arthur from PBS Asperger Episode!

  1. You probably missed it because it translated to PORKuguese instead. oops.
    I like Arthur. The show deals with lots of different things and tries to explain it so kids can understand.

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