We’re Off to See the WIZARD

We are not in Kansas anymore Toto! Nope… I am smack dab in the middle of the Land of Paperwork! You see before we can see the Wizard today I have to fill out the 10 pages of patient information and make copies of the past two medical and psycho-educational evaluations. Before we can ease on down the yellow brick road I must first call the insurance company to verify OT benefits. And before clicking my heels three times, I must first pull out the old pair of PattiBobs with Arch Filler supports. Okay forget that last one because I certainly don’t think Jay would appreciate me comparing his shoes to very girly ruby-red slippers!

You may be thinking, “WOW!Sharon is so clever. Look how she is using the Wizard of Oz as a metaphor.” As much as I would love for you all to think of me in that way, I must confess that I am not the first to use this allegory. In fact I happened to stumble across a book, which is what got me thinking. I have not read the book in its entirety, but what I have read is very moving. It is called, “At Home in the Land of Oz: Autism, My Sister, and Me” by Ann Clinard Barnhill. It is a very poignant memoir of a family living with autism in the 50’s. If you think we have it rough dealing with doctors, insurance companies and public perception now… well you can only image what it was like back then. Anyway it is a very touching and cleverly written book which does use, as the title suggest, The Wizard of Oz as a metaphor. So there I have given credit where credit is certainly due.

Anyhoo back to my ramblings. As I was sitting on hold with the insurance company today listening to some bouncy little ditty on MUZAK that reminded me of a Charlie Brown episode, I started thinking about how much faith I have put into this OT lady we will be seeing. I have turned her into the Wizard and I hope when we pull the curtain back we will not be disappointed.

I also started thinking how unrealistic the Wizard of Oz really was. I’m not talking about the whole talking scarecrows, lions and tin man thing. I can accept them. What I find hard to believe is that there was no paperwork involved when the house landed on the witch!

4 thoughts on “We’re Off to See the WIZARD

  1. I love how upbeat you are about the paperwork and such. I’m sure some days are better than others.

    The book sounds interesting. I couldn’t even IMAGINE how that must have been for a family in the 50’s. Funny, when you think of the 50’s you think of the Clever family. You don’t think of people having any medical or other types of issues.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning.

  2. Ahhhh the joys of paperwork…………. I too am in the trows and trying to find the missing social security card!!!!

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