Bloggers Block Already???

I would not say that I have Bloggers Block, more like I have “My children are home because it is Spring Break and I just can’t think straight because of it”Block. But still, all the wonderful ideas I have swimming around in this big brain of mine are all jumbled up and just aren’t coming out. As I was sitting at my computer playing around instead of actually writing, Jay walked in and said, “What’s the matter… do you have Bloggers Block?” Then he screamed up to his little sister what he said and the two of them were literally rolling on the floor in laughter. Bloggers Block to them was just the funniest thing. But wait it gets better…

Then Jay decided he had the cure for Bloggers Block. He told me there were 3 things I needed to do to cure it.

1.) Make Beef Stew for dinner. (Guess he wants beef stew tonight… you think?)
2.) Step away from the computer and take my kids to the movies to see , “RIO”. (Do you see a pattern here?)
3.) Just think about all the things that have happened and well just write about them. “Duh mom… It really is that simple!”

Then my little Muse, who obviously had grown bored of the conversation, went back upstairs to watch TV. How do you like that?

So… what am I going to do now? Obviously I am going to go start beef stew in the crock pot and then go take my kids to the movies. DUH… what did you expect? My Muse said to do it!

2 thoughts on “Bloggers Block Already???

  1. OH dang, D wanted to see that movie with your kids, Oh well hope they had a wonderful day and enjoy your beef stew 🙂

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