Want Mama to REVIEW your Product or Promote Your GIVEAWAY?

Wondering if your product would be a good fit for a Mama’s Turn Now review? Mama’s Turn Now is a family friendly site with a diverse group of followers from all over the USA and different parts of the world. Feel free to click around the site and see if you think your product would be interesting to my readers.

I am happy to review, promote, and give away products that I can support and believe my audience will find valuable. In addition to being mentioned on this blog, if I review your product it will also be promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

All reviews will be posted within two weeks after receiving products. I will send you a copy of my review before I post it if you like.

Items you would like me to review would be shipped to me.  In order to review the product properly, I ask that you please send me actual full size products. No reviews will be given solely from pictures or the internet. I must actually have the product in my hands where I can see it, smell it… you get the picture!

Giveaway items that readers win should be shipped directly from you to the winner. Pictures for these items are fine.

For more information or to submit your product proposal, please email me at MamasTurnNow@hotmail.com.


Sharon from Mama’s Turn Now

One thought on “Want Mama to REVIEW your Product or Promote Your GIVEAWAY?

  1. Hello Sharon,
    I couldn’t find a direct email address for you so I’m thought this was the best way to contact you (even though I have no product or giveaway). I’m the associate editor for Westchester Family magazine, a free monthly publication distributed in Westchester, New York and parts of Connecticut, with a distribution of approximately 50,ooo. You can view our publication digitally from our website (www.westchesterfamily.com) – just click on the magazine cover.

    We’re looking for someone to write a monthly 700-word humor column about parenting, etc. (it needn’t be monthly, if not possible). We had a fantastic humor column for years, however, the writer’s children aged-out (they are high school age and college bound) and are readers are families with young children.

    I came upon your blog after reading about F. Lewis Stark’s book (aka “Big Daddy”) and think you would be a fantastic voice for Westchester Family. If this is of interest to you, please contact me at irene.okwit@parenthood.com and I’ll put you in touch with our editor.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Irene Okwit

    Irene C. Okwit
    Associate Editor/Calendar Editor
    Westchester Family
    7 Purdy Street, New York 10528
    914-381-7474, ext. 224

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