Why We Walk For Autism Speaks and Our Encounter With a Protester!

NOTE: The following was posted last October after we completed the Autism Speaks Walk. It is that time of year again and we are forming our team to do it again. I often feel a bit guilty telling folks that we are walking for Autism Speaks because part of me does not care for the way they do things. But I believe they are changing. The Autism Speaks VOTE video is incredible and actually features many Autistic individuals in it! I think they heard us and they get it. Either way we do the walk because JAY wants to do it! I have so many new readers since last year, so I thought I would repost this so you can see why we walk and […]

DEAR LORD… why do you let Bullying happen?

Dear Lord, I know in the big picture of things I certainly don’t have a right to be bothering you. You have mamas saying prayers to you as they stand by the side of their dying babies, people who have had their whole world destroyed by tornadoes or some other natural disaster, important things are on your plate, things that affect a greater number of the population. I understand this, and yet, here I am Lord, reaching out to you because well… I am lost. I am lost because there has always been something that has gotten me through the tough times, HOPE and well lately… that Hope has been a bit harder to see. I became aware of something that happened the other day […]

An Autism Fairytale- How we went from happily ever after to not so happy to yes it is OKAY to be happy again!

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom there lived a King and Queen. One day the Queen decided that it was time to have an heir. For many months they tried to conceive this child but to there regret, nothing happened. Twice the Queen became pregnant but alas those babies were not destined to walk the earth. The Queen grew sad. Then one day the Queen found out that she was with child. Her joy could be heard throughout the land. An even bigger celebration was held when the Queen found out that not only would there be one child their would be two. But one day the Queen felt ill and went to the royal doctors. What was once a twin was […]

Autism SUCKS- There I said it!

I love my child… I don’t want to change him. But some days I absolutely positively HATE the nasty side of autism that has its huge big ugly claws wrapped so tightly around him and¬† no matter how hard I try to ripe him from its nasty grasp I just can’t! It leaves me exhausted, frustrated, defeated and mostly just sad! And what it does to him…oh it makes my heart ache just thinking about it. So yes… today I can shout out loud that AUTISM SUCKS! The doctor said Jay could go back to school today as long as he sat out of PE and recess. He was excited. He was caught up on all his work. He missed the other kids, some of […]


Yesterday I bragged about how mature my boy is getting and how he showed so much empathy and I will go as far as even saying GRACE. (Go back and read if you haven’t already!) Today I am going a step further… are you ready for this? I left my kids (Yes plural) home alone for an hour and they did great!!! It is funny because for a typical family, perhaps this would not be so HUGE… but we are anything but a typical family. My boy may look like an average 10 1/2 year old, but in so many ways he is younger than his 8 year old sister. But I had a meeting at the school (Which is literally across the street from […]

Meeting the Teachers

Yesterday was the day that we all met the new teachers. I went in first and spent 30 minutes and spoke to both of the incredible women who will be blessed to have my son in their lives for 7 and a half hours a day 180 something days of the year. And that is exactly how they made me feel… as if having my child in their class was a blessing. Can you really ask for anything more? Well of course you could ask. I could ask the county for more funding so that his resource teacher wasn’t so overwhelmed by her case load. I could ask for OT and PT and Speech… but I have already done all those things and guess what… […]

I interrupt SnapShot Saturday for this important blog that just cannot wait until next week!

I had a picture already to go but something happened last night I just had to blog about. I was proud, scared, sad, happy even a bit embarrassed all at once! We went to Target to look at camping supplies. Those that know me will be¬†shocked by that last sentence because I am so not the outdoors camping type, but next weekend Grace and I are doing a one night Brownie Girl Scout campout. Thankfully we will be in a lodge and not tents to sleep, but we will cook and do everything else outside! (Not very excited about that. I am sure I will get a good BLOG out of this.) Anyway I strayed. We were in the store looking around when Jay said […]

Learning to TRUST

Experts will tell you that without trust, you cannot have any healthy relationships. What they don’t tell you is how to trust. How do you give up control and just believe that everything is going to turn out okay? With everything happening in the world right now, how do you trust? If you are waiting for me to answer that question, well sorry to disappoint you, but you wont find it in this post. In fact you won’t find it any post… believe me I have spent the last 52 hours looking for it… and nothing. A few things have happened over the past few days that have gotten me thinking about trust. Well actually maybe it is not so much thinking about trust, but […]

Do You Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth…

It is a good thing that mothers are not asked to swear in on a stack of bibles when their child is born. If so… well we would all go to jail because like it or not we do commit perjury with our kids. Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and now my latest offense… the Desk Fairy, a.k.a. Deskalina. Grace decided to clean her room yesterday after reading a Junie B. Jones book. Junie, a normally messy kid, cleans her desk at school so that Deskalina will visit her. Gracie came running down after dinner so excited because she was sure Deskalina would visit her because as she put it, “I cleaned it all by myself mama without you even nagging!” How could Deskalina not […]