Hello teachers… I would like to introduce you to my SON

I put on my blog that I wrote an email to all 10 of my son’s new teachers. I know that they all are supposed to receive his IEP but lets face it… they are busy and may not have a chance to really read it before school starts next week. So I took a chance and emailed them all. I have heard back favorably from two teachers already and let me tell you… Both Jay and I are feeling a LOT better about school starting because of it. Many asked what I wrote. Actually it is a bit of everything. I tried to keep it light and positive and to make sure that the teachers understand that we are a team and I want […]

Review & GIVEAWAY of “Should I or Shouldn’t I? What Would Others Think?”- A game to encourage Social Thinking and social problem solving!

Those that follow me on Facebook know how nervous I have been about Jay starting middle school. Part of my neurosis  comes from the fact that I just don’t think he is socially ready. Academically… no problem, but can he handle all the situations that will be thrown his way?And what can I do as his mother to give him the tools to do so?  These questions have been keeping me up at night.That is why I was so excited when Social Thinking gave me the opportunity to try out this new game created by Dominque Baudry,MS, Ed  and based on the Social Thinking concepts and vocabulary introduced by Michelle Garcia Winner as outlined in her many books and articles on the topic.The game is […]

DEAR LORD… why do you let Bullying happen?

Dear Lord, I know in the big picture of things I certainly don’t have a right to be bothering you. You have mamas saying prayers to you as they stand by the side of their dying babies, people who have had their whole world destroyed by tornadoes or some other natural disaster, important things are on your plate, things that affect a greater number of the population. I understand this, and yet, here I am Lord, reaching out to you because well… I am lost. I am lost because there has always been something that has gotten me through the tough times, HOPE and well lately… that Hope has been a bit harder to see. I became aware of something that happened the other day […]

Weaving and Wishes

“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.” ~Louisa May Alcott On Friday the art teacher stopped me in the halls at the kid’s school and asked if I could come in on Monday to help out in Jay’s Art Class. “We start weaving, coiling really, baskets on Monday. It is very challenging and I sure could use the extra pair of hands,” she said to me.  I took that for meaning… Jay is bound to get frustrated and I could use you there to help out.     When I arrived the class was already sitting on the floor around […]

My Aspie says he is Spinning the WHEEL of EMOTION and it keeps landing on Bankrupt!

Yesterday was another not so great day, at least that is what the teachers said it was. After a 15 minute TALKING DOWN TO by the teacher on how he knows what is appropriate behavior and the way he was acting is not appropriate… I took my son home. I honestly did not even know where to begin. To make matters worse it seemed Gracie was having her own little Drama because so and so said she did not want to be her friend today. I was ready to lock myself in the bathroom and not come back out, but knew that was not an option. So instead I told the kids to throw their backpacks on the ground and we took a snack and […]

An Example of a School to Home Communications Daily Log for you to use and Rules for working in a group

Let’s face it, if your child is like mine, getting any information out of them about how their day went is near impossible. Sometimes getting any information out of the teachers is near impossible too. If you follow me on Facebook then you probably saw my post yesterday about what happened when I volunteered in Jay’s class. (You can click the blue Facebook and it will take you to my page and you can read down and see the whole ugly story and what all the wonderful folks in my village community had to say! Make sure to LIKE the page while you are there so you can be a part of the community too.) Anyway one of the things that came out of it […]

Meeting the Teachers

Yesterday was the day that we all met the new teachers. I went in first and spent 30 minutes and spoke to both of the incredible women who will be blessed to have my son in their lives for 7 and a half hours a day 180 something days of the year. And that is exactly how they made me feel… as if having my child in their class was a blessing. Can you really ask for anything more? Well of course you could ask. I could ask the county for more funding so that his resource teacher wasn’t so overwhelmed by her case load. I could ask for OT and PT and Speech… but I have already done all those things and guess what… […]

Let me off this Emotional Rollercoaster PLEASE!!!

The one thing that I don’t think I will ever get used to with all this autism stuff… is how quickly things change. I am talking emotions.. and not my son’s, mine! (Although his emotions certainly do change quickly as well.) One day I am feeling proud as a peacock riding on a victory high and full of hope. And the next day, I feel like I have been punched in the stomach, the world is spinning and well I just want to get off this emotional roller coaster! I just found out that my son’s school is set to lose one Special Education teacher and one Special Education Assistant this upcoming 2011-2012 school year. I had heard this was a possibility but now it […]

The Dreaded Check Mark

Jay had an off day at school yesterday. I could tell something was up when I picked him up because he was twitching… something I have noticed him doing more and more often. He twitches rather than flap now. Anyway… he was twitching so I asked him if something happened at school. “I don’t want to talk about it now”, he replied in a slightly edgy voice. I did not push the issue because we were walking home and well… I wanted to make it home. He did tell me that his best friend was not in school today. I knew that alone must have thrown his whole day off. We arrived home. Kids unpacked their backpacks and set upstairs to start their homework. I […]

No more Mrs. Nice Guy

Deciding when to tell your child about his diagnosis is difficult. It is such a personal thing and no book can possibly give you the correct answer as to when is the perfect time. Believe me, I read them all so I would know if they did. But there comes a time when you just have to do it. Our time was last year. Jay was in Third Grade. Jay’s teacher was the one who told me it was time we should tell him. She said that Jay was starting to realize that he was different from the other kids and that perhaps he was confused about it. At first I was angry. How could this woman possibly know this and I, his mother did […]