When you look in the mirror what do you see?

I have a confession to make… I am a fake, a liar a really good actress. I know how to dish out advice but actually following it… I am not so good at.  Perhaps I should back up a little so you understand where this is coming from. Gracie has been having a real hard time this past week. With Jay needing even more of my time because of his foot she has been , well jealous, unruly and even downright disrespectful. Not just to me… at school to her teachers and her friends too. In fact her teacher even said to me, “Sharon I get where it is coming from, but if you don’t get a hold of this now, well when hormones kick […]

If I am not already crazy I will be in another 2 days

In two days I will be getting into the passenger seat of a rented car with suitcases, both children, a dog who gets car sick just driving to the corner and a husband who thinks we can drive the entire 19 hour trip to Miami, Florida without having stop for anything but gas. I told you if I am not already crazy for agreeing to do this, I will be officially toted away in a pretty white jacket in two days time! Yes, in two days my family will be making its pilgrimage south to see our family. That alone is enough to make you crazy. I mean the family part. But the actual thought of the pilgrimage to get there is keeping me up […]

The Phrase Everything But the Kitchen Sink now has new MEANING to ME!

We all have heard the phrase and perhaps have been known to say it ourselves. I know I have. I threw everything into the suitcase except for the kitchen sink! The Kitchen Sink has some how become a  humorous reference to an “all-in, all-inclusive” approach to a task that indiscriminately incorporates a lot of junk. But never in a million years did I ever think that the kitchen sink would become a metaphor to my life. Saturday I started a new weight loss program. Actually it is more than a weight loss program, it is a new way of life. I am feeling more energetic, have slept better than I have in months and have already lost 4lbs and have not once been hungry while […]

Giving It My 93% Effort…

I seem to be juggling a lot of things lately. I am not complaining I like to be busy. I am a Type A personality gal. The more stuff thrown at me, the better I usually do.The thing is that lately I have been feeling like I need a giant hefty bag instead of a catcher’s mitt to grab it all. I was in the middle of quizzing Jay on his spelling words yesterday when I received a phone call from Autism Speaks. They wanted to remind me that the walk I signed up to do was coming up soon. They thanked me for participating and asked if there was anything they could do to help with fundraising. I felt so ashamed. You see that […]

Tired Supermom or One SUPER TIRED MOM?

Instead of a weekly wrap up of different posts I have read… I am going to do a weekly wrap up on ME!!! I have focused a lot the past few days on Jay and his leaps and falls. I briefly  have touched or mentioned myself. This post will be about me. I am actually going to try to go there. So watch out because honestly, I am not sure where THERE is. So here is what I have been thinking. I spend a great deal of time worrying and questioning myself. There are a lot of things worrying me. Things that I wont get into publicly, but are there nonetheless. A couple of times I have felt overwhelming fear over things I know I […]

Life is like a skinned knee

As I was picking myself up off the ground yesterday I realized something. Life is like a skinned knee. Stay with me here it really does make sense and I will explain what I was doing on the ground later, I promise. But first, go back to that time when you were first remembering to ride a bike. Can you picture it? Your dad just took the training wheels off and you nervously hop on your now wobbly bike. Dad holds onto the back and tells you to peddle. He runs behind you as you start to peddle faster. Suddenly he lets go and for a few minutes you are flying. Then you loose your confidence and crash… you fall onto the ground skinning your […]

There is no such thing as SUPER MOM!

My children HURT me today. I don’t mean physically, although their comments did make me snap my head up so quickly in surprise that I hit my head on the medicine cabinet door and I do have quite a nasty knot, so I guess they did hurt me in that way as well. Seriously though, I mean in the deep down to your core way, and let me tell you, that is the worse kind by far. But the worse part is… I brought it on my self! This morning Gracie and Jay came down to breakfast, which by the way I happened to make hot fresh cinnamon rolls this morning. Granted they were Pillsbury pop in the oven ones, but still, I could have […]