SnapShot Saturday- Proud as a Peacock

                      This picture shows autism in a different light.                        It shows just what our kids CAN do! Jay was selected to be  a part of what they call the Principal’s Service Team at his school. He goes to school half an hour early and helps the Kindergarten ESL teacher prepare for the day and plays with the children as they arrive. The kids adore him. In fact the other day while picking him a little boy ran over to him and threw himself on Jay. Jay beamed! He finally untangled himself, INTRODUCED the boy to me and then in a stage whisper said to me, “Mom I am more popular than Justin Beiber to these […]

SnapShot Saturday- Looking up their SKIRTS?

Maybe he is looking up their skirts but some how I doubt it. This is just another picture of Jay (at the time he was 7) being Jay. Climbing up high like this is something my boy doesn’t do. It is not that he doesn’t have the upper body strength, although their was a time when that would have been the reason, it is more that he is too anxious. What if he fell off? What if he got stuck? So instead he keeps his feet planted safely on the ground and looks up in awe. He never gets mad at those who can do what he doesn’t. Look at his face, you will notice no malice, no jealousy, no sorrow just awe! Do you […]

SnapShot Saturday- Taking the BULL By the HORNS!

I love this picture of Jay when he was about 8 years old. It is a physical portrait of how I see my son. You see like he is doing in this picture, he has taken his Autism by the Horns. My boy is one of the strongest people I know. I don’t mean lifting a stack of weights over his head strong (Although I am sure in a few years Hubby will have him at the gym doing just that) no even better. He knows now he has Aspergers and he doesn’t use it as an excuse, it doesn’t stop him. I pray he continues to grow and that he always knows that Aspergers is something he has, it doesn’t have to have him! […]

SnapShot Saturday- Here Comes the Spiderman!

LOOK OUT! here comes the Spiderman! In this case our little Spidey Dude may not have radio-active blood… but  that doesn’t stop him from trying to climb walls! This little cutie is Henry and the picture was submitted by his mother Karen. This is what she says about this picture: “This is a pic of our mischievous, superhero-loving (in this case,Spiderman!), cool-trick executing, super funny, super sweet, dare-devil, dude!” You can follow Karen and her  tribe’s antics, the good, the bad, and the occasionally downright ugly, journey in the Autism Spectrum on A Chameleon’s Blog at AND on her Facebook page, A Chameleon in the Spectrum. Every Autism family has a story and a picture to go along with it. What’s yours? send your picture along […]

SnapShot Saturday- Sand and Surf

Today’s picture was submitted by Jess otherwise known as Autism Moms herself. (Autism Moms is a great community page on Facebook. Check it out) Jess also has a wonderful blog called: Life with Spongebob where she post about her son Logan who is 2 years old and has classic autism. Which brings us back to this adorable picture below. This is Logan at the beach from their vacation. Here is what Jess says about this picture,” It resembles Autism because he is in his own world.  He has no interest in anything that is going on around him.  He is caught up in the sand and surf and that is how life is for him.  He lives in his own world.” If you have a picture […]

SnapShot Saturday- Mind Over Matter

Jay named this shot. He says it is because his mind was in the book so nothing else mattered! Isn’t that just pure genius? I love the way my boy’s brain works. But sometimes, like the day this picture was snapped, well it is just plain hard. He did not want to tour Williamsburg or look at plants or anything else. He wanted to read. And so he plopped himself down on the ground, not caring that he was sitting smack in the middle, and started reading. And guess what I did? I let him do it while the rest of us looked at the big watermelons and learned about  how early colonists water their plants. Okay when you put it that way I guess […]

SnapShot Saturday- Making the Pieces Fit

  Today’s SnapShot was submitted by Carolyn from Neurotypical Mom -Life with Z. This is a photo of  her son Z who is 7 and was taken at the end of their trip  to the lake earlier this year.  Here is what she says about it. “Z worked ALL WEEK on a thousand piece puzzle (persevered if you will ) and finally finished it (with help from his dad, uncle and grandfather).  This is the face of my son’s Aspergers in my eyes because he’s interested in stuff that most 7 year olds aren’t and when he’s interested – look out. Wild horses couldn’t drag him away from the object of his affection.”  Thanks Carolyn for sharing this great picture. I love the look of […]

SnapSHot Saturday- Liam Hiking With His Mom

This week’s Snapshot was submitted by Mary otherwise known as Liam’s Mom. Mary says, ” Liam with his autism is more in tune with the nature around him on the mountain trail in Colorado than 99% of the other visitors who were rushing by.  He looks, examines, listens to all.  This was a special time for him and I to spend together away from therapy and doctors.”  I just love the look on his face, don’t you? Leave a message and visit Mary on her facebook page and let her know how cute you think Liam is. You can find her at: I am also being featured today on the SPD Bloggers Network. They are running my little piece called Today Autism Won, But […]