I get knocked down but I get up again…

Yesterday I was screaming at the world. Upset for my boy, at the world at the Autism Gods at whomever was within a 5 mile radius of me. Yeah I admit… I might have snapped at the exterminator … but I was mad. I get knocked down… But my boy made it through the day. He looked a little battled scarred when I picked him up but still… he survived. And he had a smile on his face! I get up again! I have another one… Later in the afternoon I had to go back to school for his parent teacher conference. I am not really sure what I was expecting, but I am happy to report that it went well! No it went GREAT! […]

Autism SUCKS- There I said it!

I love my child… I don’t want to change him. But some days I absolutely positively HATE the nasty side of autism that has its huge big ugly claws wrapped so tightly around him and  no matter how hard I try to ripe him from its nasty grasp I just can’t! It leaves me exhausted, frustrated, defeated and mostly just sad! And what it does to him…oh it makes my heart ache just thinking about it. So yes… today I can shout out loud that AUTISM SUCKS! The doctor said Jay could go back to school today as long as he sat out of PE and recess. He was excited. He was caught up on all his work. He missed the other kids, some of […]

Critical Thinking+ Aspergers= Frustration

I am upset and I am not sure to where to go with this… so I am going to post this blog post with the intention that someone out there will read this and help me get it to the proper hands. In an effort to go towards an entirely web-based educational management system (Or for those folks, like me, who do not speak school board jargon… viewing your kids grades online) my county has instituted a new report card and grading system. My children’s daily work will be marked with a numerical score from one to four. This four point scale is built around a learning target which is identified as Level 3. Here is how it will translate on their report cards: 4 […]


Yesterday I bragged about how mature my boy is getting and how he showed so much empathy and I will go as far as even saying GRACE. (Go back and read if you haven’t already!) Today I am going a step further… are you ready for this? I left my kids (Yes plural) home alone for an hour and they did great!!! It is funny because for a typical family, perhaps this would not be so HUGE… but we are anything but a typical family. My boy may look like an average 10 1/2 year old, but in so many ways he is younger than his 8 year old sister. But I had a meeting at the school (Which is literally across the street from […]

My Boy HAS EMPATHY!!! LOT’S of it!

WOW… that’s all I can say really to describe this weekend. Just WOW! We had a few “Harps playing, Angels Singing” special moments and a few meltdowns too, but hey after the BIGGIE I am going to tell you about who cares about the meltdowns. My boy is growing people. Every day I see him maturing and it just makes my heart fill to the rim with joy and pride. It fills my soul with HOPE which definitely makes the meltdowns easier! Those that read my facebook page already know about the time when Jay said to the little boy in our neighborhood that he was sorry about the lost of his pet, a pet by the way that Jay did not care for. Guess […]

Never Mind Handwriting Without Tears… I needed HOMEWORK Without Tears… and I think we got it!

If you follow me on my Facebook page you read earlier in the week that I was having a really rough time with Jay trying to get him to do his homework. Meltdown after meltdown. My boy was frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling beaten. One night after putting him to bed I broke down in a heap and cried. I cried because I could see how much my boy was hurting and I could not figure out what to do to make it better. Then it came to me… his real problem was organization. Jay was getting upset not because the material was too difficult, but because he did not know what to do first and he felt well as I said before OVERWHELMED!  I needed […]

SnapShot Saturday- Proud as a Peacock

                      This picture shows autism in a different light.                        It shows just what our kids CAN do! Jay was selected to be  a part of what they call the Principal’s Service Team at his school. He goes to school half an hour early and helps the Kindergarten ESL teacher prepare for the day and plays with the children as they arrive. The kids adore him. In fact the other day while picking him a little boy ran over to him and threw himself on Jay. Jay beamed! He finally untangled himself, INTRODUCED the boy to me and then in a stage whisper said to me, “Mom I am more popular than Justin Beiber to these […]

When Mama Wants to Bitch- Slap Another Mama

I am not a violent person. I don’t hit my children… but I am seriously considering wearing this button here as a warning the next time I attend a school function. And I am not referring to the children.. it is the parents. Awhile back I wrote a post called Mama Bear Fights Back (If you haven’t read it you may want to so you really understand this post.)Well guess what people… the same woman who made THOSE comments about my child is at it again! I am on the Special Education Advisory Committee for my kids school. As one of the representatives, it is my job to make sure that any parent of a child with an IEP is aware of what is going […]


As I write this I am listening to something I haven’t heard in two months… QUIET! Yup folks the day is finally here… they went back to school! And so far no phone calls. (Gosh I hope I did not just jinx myself! Knock on wood, salt over shoulder and any other good luck thing I am supposed to do!) It was a great morning. I have to admit I was nervous. You see yesterday Jay was full of anxiety. He was worried about how much homework he would get this year, who he would sit with at lunch, even middle school which is a whole year away! My boy can worry with the best of them it seems. To get both kids minds off […]