Birthdays and ASD kids… NOT AN EASY MIX!

The party has come and gone and well… we made it! Not only did we make it… we did great! Although it was touch and go there for a bit. Look at this. My Facebook status on Saturday at 8:30am: Oh lord please grant me the serenity to get through today because my voice has already raised many times and they have only been up for 30 minutes. The boy is soooooo over excited that when I asked him to please stop playing with the balloon and to go up and put a long sleeve shirt on under his Laser Tag short sleeve shirt he lost it! Screaming, red face, tears! Oh it is going to be an interesting day! Birthday parties and ASD kids… […]

And the WINNER of the $25 Target Gift Card is… picked this comment… Autism warrior LI NY | March 5, 2012 at 9:33 am | Reply | Edit Congrats on the 1 year! and thanks for sharing with us! Great job you have done! it’s always nice to find fellow mother warriors , we all come together for one cause…to help each other help our kiddos!! Much love and best wishes! ~heather Congrats Heather, AKA Autism Warrior Long Island New York! Please send your mailing address to: Thank you to everyone who entered and left a comment. I meant this contest to be a thank you to you all, and it ended up being a not expected love fest! WHICH I LOVED!!! LOL I sincerely appreciate every comment you left. You are my […]

Making Happy Memories in Miami

Two years ago we came down here to Miami to visit my parents and spent the entire visit  sitting by the hospital bed of my father wondering if he would make it through another day. It was touch and go there for a while and we were grateful for the time we had with each other. Perhaps it was the memory of those days that made yesterday so much sweeter. Yesterday my family and close friends gathered around, just like we did two years ago, but this time we were there to celebrate a momentous occasion. Yesterday we surprised my parents with a small but special 50th anniversary brunch. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter, good food, and lots and lots of love. […]

To two very special people on your 50th ANNIVERSARY!!!

Tomorrow two very special people will celebrate 50 years of marriage together… my parents. In an age where making it past the 7 year itch is considered a miracle… making it to 50 is almost unheard of. And yet my folks have weathered the good times and bad and somehow managed to keep it all together. They may not always have gotten along, and I know they get on each others nerves, but they LOVE each other, and that in itself is the glue that has held them together. For months I have been trying to think of something I could do to make their day special, to show them how much I love them… to celebrate this momentous occasion. If I had money I […]

I had a Dream About an AUTISM MOM/FAMILY RETREAT… could it be a reality? YOU TELL ME!

I guess all this talk about dreams and stuff has stuck with me because I had an amazing dream last night that I have to share with you all. But before  I go there, I guess I should back track and share with you some other details so you know this just did not come from left field. Awhile back the wonderful Karen from Confessions of an Aspergers Mom, (whom by the way if you are not familiar with… hello why not? She is fabulous and you MUST go over and read her blog) and I were chatting online and were talking about how awesome it would be to put together some type of Autism MOMS retreat. Think about it… how cool would that be? […]

A Dog’s Life- And I want it!

If there is reincarnation, an after world, and all that… well I want to come back as my dog. This pooch has it good. This past weekend we had his Birthday party. Gracie was so excited, even Jay was excited. I was not so excited until it started. I have to admit it is hard to not smile when you see a bunch of dogs running around sniffing each other and acting well… like dogs. So to give you an idea as to what I am talking about, here is our $20 party. That’s right… everything you will see cost a total of $20. The decorations, the cakes (both dogs cake and human cakes)doggy favors… EVERYTHING!