A TREE Style of Parenting?

An article appeared in my Facebook feed the other morning about a new popular style of parenting which is now being known as Submarine parenting. What I want to know is when did parenting become a battle and referred to in military items and terms…Helicopter, authoritarian and now submarine? I don’t know about you, but personally I do not want to battle my kids; I want to nurture them. Parenting is hard enough without putting these ideas of US against THEM into everyone’s heads. Especially our kids heads. I want them to feel like I am with them… not against them. This whole idea about referring to our parenting in styles is new to me. I always have thought as parenting as a type not a style. In  my The […]

What I was Going To Tell YOU…

It has been so long since I have posted and so many things have been going on that I am almost too overwhelmed to do this. I guess this is my editors note to you all. My warning so to speak that this post will be filled with lots of run on sentences and will skip around and will most likely be very long. So pour a cup of coffee and sit down and stay with me here if you dare. Glad to see that I did not scare some of you away! LOL Anyway I was already to start telling you about meeting with Jay’s principle and how awesome he is and how I left the room almost dancing but didn’t dare because well […]

Why We Walk For Autism Speaks and Our Encounter With a Protester!

NOTE: The following was posted last October after we completed the Autism Speaks Walk. It is that time of year again and we are forming our team to do it again. I often feel a bit guilty telling folks that we are walking for Autism Speaks because part of me does not care for the way they do things. But I believe they are changing. The Autism Speaks VOTE video is incredible and actually features many Autistic individuals in it! I think they heard us and they get it. Either way we do the walk because JAY wants to do it! I have so many new readers since last year, so I thought I would repost this so you can see why we walk and […]

My head hurts from beating myself up over the way I handled a situation…

I am my own worst critic. I judge myself the harshest. This is what I tell myself… but I am thinking that might not be true. I may be my daughter’s worst critic and judge her the harshest and I am so ashamed to admit this. There was an incident this morning. A fashion crisis that was so stupid and over the top and well I did not do anything to help the situation. I escalated it with I TOLD YOU SOs and should have’s and shouldn’t halves. I raised my voice and spoke too sternly. I cared too much about what other people would think instead of my own daughter! And I have been beating myself up about it all morning and quite honestly […]


So by the title of this post you are probably making guesses as to who is shedding the tears and who is screaming the cheers. Well believe it or not they are both ME!!! Yup folks, the same woman who put a countdown clock on her page (Just look over to the top right and you will see it there) to remind her of the beloved day that school starts back… yup the same woman who is longing for the quiet, for the structure and time to actually get her writing and work done. Yes folks now that the time is quickly approaching I am sad! I am also scared out of mind. I am more nervous for Jay to start middle school then he […]

I’m different, You’re different and my boy certainly is different… and that is FINE… until its not!

I am nervous to write this post because I know my Jay sometimes comes on here and reads this and I certainly do not want him to take this the wrong way. So Jay if you are reading this… let me start off by saying: “YOU MY DEAR BOY ARE PERFECT! EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS PERFECT! I am writing this post because I want others to know that I am just human… and sometimes even this mama feels things that well… are just that, human! I am not proud of feeling this way, but like I tell you, it is what it is. I can own up to feeling this way, share it with others so they know they are not alone, then well… move […]


Hey there folks… I know I have been MIA lately and I apologize for that. That silly thing called LIFE just keeps on happening, which I guess is a rather good thing because the alternative is not very nice. 🙂 So much has been going on that I honestly do not even know where to begin. Do I tell you how we finally found a HOUSE and will no longer be homeless come this summer when we get kicked out of this one because the wonderful military family we have been renting from is coming home. (GREAT FOR THEM… not so great for us.) Not only did we find a house, we found one that is practically across the street from where we are now […]

Leaving the Drama for your Mama

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is the day of Amor, Love, Amore… I am out of ways of saying it sorry! Anyway to honor old Cupid and to keep with my Gracie Girl Week… today’s post is about my baby’s need for affection and attention. Maybe it is because she is the second child, the sibling of a special needs kid, or just the fact that she is the product of me a person who always wants to be center stage… my girl craves attention. No not crave… she NEEDS attention and lots and lots of affection. She has a constant need to be cuddled, sitting on my lap or attached to my side. Many days, especially on those days that I am feeling so over […]

It’s Pet Peeve Friday… come let it all out so you can start the weekend off better!

I Love my Family, I Love my Family, I Love my Family! My mantra today! I was going to blog about this wonderful quote I recently read: Everyone SHINES, Given the Right LIGHT! How beautiful is that? Then I thought about telling you in more detail about the transitioning to middle school meeting with an IEP meeting we had last night. Certainly that would be more informative than what I am about to blog about. But being this is the year of the Oxygen Mask (If you haven’t heard about this project well then hop on over there and check it out) I have decided to not keep things that bother me all bottled up. You know those stupid little things that in the BIG […]

May all your Bubbles that Burst be Bubble Wrap Ones!

The last few Days I have been all worked up and on a mission to get an apology from David Germain. I really believed that if we all worked together and wrote emails and flooded the inbox of the Associated Press that we would get that apology too. POP! I had this vision of Mr. Germain being called into his editor’s office and all  of our emails, which would have been printed out, would be thrown into Germain’s face. The editor would demand he retract his review and immediately apologize. And then my bubble burst. POP POP! For those that did not see my Facebook page last night here is the email I got and posted there: My apologies, Sharon. This is the first I’m […]