It’s National Donut Day Today!

HAPPY National Donut DAY!!!! Yes my children were very quick to point this holiday out to me.  So I thought I would post this  so you would know you can get a free donut today with the purchase of a free beverage at Dunkin Donuts. And to go along with the Donut theme… I thought I would re-post a blog I did 3 months ago. It is a funny little story that happened at… yup you guessed it- Dunkin Donuts! Enjoy! FIND A PENNY PICK IT UP As a special treat I took my kids to Dunkin Donuts yesterday. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea too because we had to wait in line. Waiting is hard for any child but to an ASPIE… […]

Damn Stink BUGS

I was sitting at the table enjoying a yummy after lunch treat; a Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae (so good by the way and only uses 4 points) when suddenly I hear a rustling noise. I look up and there on the chair next to me was another damn Stink BUG! (I wish I could say I stopped eating my desert but nope… it was just too good to stop. Although I must admit I did not enjoy it as much as I would have liked to knowing that this creepy crawler was watching me.) No one told me when we moved here that this area had such a huge infestation of these disgusting critters. Not familiar with these guys? Well then please let […]

Black Cloud Over My Head!

It seems every time Hubby Travels more than 50 nautical miles away from the house, all hell breaks loose.  You’ve read my past posts.  In the past three months while he has been away, we’ve had a mouse in the house, the dryer breaking, the transformer for the kitchen lights blew twice, I hurt my hand and ended up in a sling, I got a speeding ticket and the kids always seem to get  sick. The poor guy is afraid to call home. He says he leaves and a giant black cloud comes out. Hubby left on Friday and like clock work Saturday Grace got sick.  It went straight to her little asthmatic chest too. Thankfully breathing treatments are a piece of cake with her. […]

Apollo was my cashier at the Grocery Store!

Hubby loves to go grocery shopping! I know can you believe it? I on the other hand despise it. I can think of twenty million things I would rather do than grocery shop. Where hubby takes his time lingering down the aisles and eating all the free samples they pass out (Perhaps that has something to do with him liking it so much), I race through grabbing stuff off the shelf in such a hurried frenzy you would think I was trying to catch a bus. I can’t send the man alone to do shopping. If I did that he would come home with everything but what I wrote on his list, and then I would need to go back myself anyway. So… this means […]


Wow… there were a lot of posts this week that got me rolling on the floor… they made me laugh too! (Sorry I could not resist.) So here are my 5  top picks for the week. Do yourself a favor and check them out… you will enjoy them. 1.) Kathleen from Autism Herd-The ramblings of an overwhelmed mother of  four very active kids..oh, and a couple of them have autism; wrote the funniest post titled: Haunted by humus and other tales of woe. Here is a sample of her blog (FYI: She is referring to her dog in this part not her child!LOL),” THE sheer amount of poop(that he so lovingly left on the floor) was awe-inspiring.  We are talking record books. If people in […]

Mama Gets Her Groove On & Does Damage Control… DAMN I’m GOOD!

  If nothing else… our home is entertaining! Never a dull moment over here. Take this morning for instance. Today’s conversation over eggs and Pop Tarts was all about the world ending. It was an interesting talk that ended in the entire family doing our own version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Zombie Dance!  You know just your average breakfast conversation. Okay here is a warning: If you are one of those folks who actually does believe that the world is ending tomorrow… well then you might just want to stop reading right now. Besides if today is really your last day on earth I would think you would have something better you would want to do then read my post. Heck I don’t believe the […]

Is It Time to Book a Stay at “MOMMY JAIL”?

Are Mommy Time Outs just not cutting it anymore? When you look at your children do you finally understand why some animals eat their young? Has the thought of actually boxing up your kiddos and leaving them on someone’s door step occurred to you more than once? Then perhaps it is time that you book a stay at MOMMY JAIL! Don’t wait to pass go! Don’t try to collect $100! Just call now and one of our officers will speed right over with flashy lights and  whisk you away to your very own Freedom Cell! Imagine your very own space where you can actually finish a cup a coffee, a phone conversation, a THOUGHT without being interrupted.  You will receive 3 meals a day which […]

Captain Sweatpants, I mean Captain Croc-n-Sock vs The Ebay Monster

When we last saw our Hero he had finally ditched his sweatpants for elastic shorts and crocs with socks. Cool and comfortable in his new SPRING/SUMMER Uniform, Captain Sweatpants Captain Croc-n-Sock is now ready to save the world from the clutches of evil. Little does he know that the arch-villain he is about to encounter is his very own mother, AKA the NAG HAG. As our Saga unfolds, the Nag Hag has  gone into Super Hydro Spring Cleaning Mode. Drawing power from some unknown force, she relentlessly attacks the closets. No drawer remains untouched. As if she is possessed , she rhythmically unfolds a shirt, sizes it up and then tosses it into one of three piles. DONATE, TOSS, EBAY? Suddenly a fourth pile appears […]

Why I Wore High Heels to Clean My toliet!

I came downstairs this morning wearing sweatpants and a big shirt to which my husband sarcastically said, “Look how glamorous Mommy looks today kids!” I quickly joked back, “Well I didn’t know which heels to wear while cleaning the toilet, and the dress I wore to the Royal Wedding was at the cleaners so I went with this!” The kids laughed, I laughed, hubby laughed… just a another typical morning in my home. After packing lunch boxes, wiping pancake syrup off of faces and making sure that the kids had the special Pencil Bouquet of Flowers that I made for their teachers to show our appreciation, the kids were off to school, hubby left for the gym and I went about my business of stripping […]