It’s Pet Peeve Friday… come let it all out so you can start the weekend off better!

I Love my Family, I Love my Family, I Love my Family! My mantra today! I was going to blog about this wonderful quote I recently read: Everyone SHINES, Given the Right LIGHT! How beautiful is that? Then I thought about telling you in more detail about the transitioning to middle school meeting with an IEP meeting we had last night. Certainly that would be more informative than what I am about to blog about. But being this is the year of the Oxygen Mask (If you haven’t heard about this project well then hop on over there and check it out) I have decided to not keep things that bother me all bottled up. You know those stupid little things that in the BIG […]

When One Door Closes… Watch out for your nose!

I was all prepared to do a heartfelt meaningful post about reflecting on my past year. All the change that happened and what my hopes and dreams are for 2012. Then Jay walked in and asked what I was doing. Jay: What you doing mom? Writing another post? Can I read it? (He glances at my blank post.) Hmmm… not much to look at mom. Having trouble? Maybe I can help. Me: Maybe you can. Jay how do you feel about the year coming to an end? Jay: Both sad and happy. Sad cause I really liked being 10 and being in elementary school. 2012  will bring a lot of change for me mom. I am going to be 11 and in the fall I […]

You Know You Are the Mother or Father of an Aspie at Christmas Time When…

You Know You Are the Mom or Dad of an Aspie at Christmas Time When… 1.)  When Photoshopping a picture of your Aspie in with the rest of the family for the Christmas card seems perfectly normal 2.)  When you find yourself wondering if the Grinch was just a misunderstood Aspie who needed some social skills training. Why can’t those WHOs accept  him for the unique hairy green guy he is! Sigh 3.)  When you feel like calling the 5 o’clock news because your Aspie participated in making the Gingerbread house with the rest of the family without you having to bribe him with the promise of a new video game or book 4.)  When making the above mentioned gingerbread house suddenly is  no longer […]

It Takes a Village People…WE WANT YOU!!!

“And I’m not talking about the Musical Group either. Although I still wonder what that Indian was wearing under his skirt. “ ~ Mama’s Turn Now Facebook Page So yesterday was an interesting day. I mean really interesting. It started out as just your regular Sunday morning. Hubby let me sleep in a little while and fed the kiddos breakfast so that I could fiddle around on the computer a bit. I was checking my Facebook page when my Jay walked into the room and peaked over my shoulder. Jay- I see you are up to 306 Likes now. Hmmmm. ME: And what does that Hmmmm mean sir? Jay- I just think you could be doing better. I mean you have been blogging for how […]

Making Happy Memories in Miami

Two years ago we came down here to Miami to visit my parents and spent the entire visit  sitting by the hospital bed of my father wondering if he would make it through another day. It was touch and go there for a while and we were grateful for the time we had with each other. Perhaps it was the memory of those days that made yesterday so much sweeter. Yesterday my family and close friends gathered around, just like we did two years ago, but this time we were there to celebrate a momentous occasion. Yesterday we surprised my parents with a small but special 50th anniversary brunch. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter, good food, and lots and lots of love. […]

If I am not already crazy I will be in another 2 days

In two days I will be getting into the passenger seat of a rented car with suitcases, both children, a dog who gets car sick just driving to the corner and a husband who thinks we can drive the entire 19 hour trip to Miami, Florida without having stop for anything but gas. I told you if I am not already crazy for agreeing to do this, I will be officially toted away in a pretty white jacket in two days time! Yes, in two days my family will be making its pilgrimage south to see our family. That alone is enough to make you crazy. I mean the family part. But the actual thought of the pilgrimage to get there is keeping me up […]


I know that some of you might have raised your eyebrows over that title. I mean after all… kids play in Fall leaves all the time right? Not my kid! You see Jay is an inside kid. He’ll take a good book and a soft chair any day over a sun-shining beautiful day outside. That is why when he asked me if we could create the world’s LARGEST LEAF PILE and then JUMP IN IT… I was beyond the moon thrilled. And so we spent our Saturday collecting leaves. And I do mean collecting because the ones that blew from our trees were not good enough. No my boy wanted the ones from the huge tree across the street that had dropped so many leaves […]