I am Guest Blogging Today on About.com in Honor of Mother’s Day

I am guest Blogging today on the about.com website blog : Autism.about.com They are running blog posts in honor of Mother’s Day and my post was chosen. So please go over there and take a look and leave a comment should you feel moved to do so. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there… especially my mom. I love you mom and I am forever grateful for everything you and dad have done for me to make me the woman I am today!

Throw away the Matza and hand over that Chocolate Bunny

I think the thing my children enjoy the most about Easter is the fact that it means Passover is over for them. You see in our home we celebrate both holidays. Yup… both. I am Jewish and hubby is not. Mixing the two holidays sometimes gets a little confusing. For example, I could not find a regular table-cloth so we had our sedar on top of a Bunny table-cloth. I tried to figure out a way to make it work… but never did come up with one. I don’t think there were many bunnies back then living in the dessert and Egypt but I am sure the man upstairs over looked it. Anyway in celebration of both holidays I thought I would post a few […]