So by the title of this post you are probably making guesses as to who is shedding the tears and who is screaming the cheers. Well believe it or not they are both ME!!! Yup folks, the same woman who put a countdown clock on her page (Just look over to the top right and you will see it there) to remind her of the beloved day that school starts back… yup the same woman who is longing for the quiet, for the structure and time to actually get her writing and work done. Yes folks now that the time is quickly approaching I am sad! I am also scared out of mind. I am more nervous for Jay to start middle school then he […]


As I write this I am listening to something I haven’t heard in two months… QUIET! Yup folks the day is finally here… they went back to school! And so far no phone calls. (Gosh I hope I did not just jinx myself! Knock on wood, salt over shoulder and any other good luck thing I am supposed to do!) It was a great morning. I have to admit I was nervous. You see yesterday Jay was full of anxiety. He was worried about how much homework he would get this year, who he would sit with at lunch, even middle school which is a whole year away! My boy can worry with the best of them it seems. To get both kids minds off […]

I’ll Be Back…

So much going on the next few days. I am in the middle of something that could possibly¬† lead to something BIG!!! More details about that to come later. In the meantime, just send some good luck vibes my way. Besides my “Special Mystery Project” I am preparing for Gracie’s Very Merry UnBirthday Party which will be Saturday. Yes you read right. Her real birthday is in August but the little stinker somehow convinced us that all her friends would be traveling and therefore we should have a small party before school ends. I love throwing parties so it actually did not take much convincing. And we will be away for her real birthday anyway. It is going to be very cool and a relatively […]

R.I.P Mr. Magic Fish

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be blogging about a tiny fish eraser… but that is exactly what I am doing… AGAIN! It seems Jay is stuck on this. When I picked him up at school yesterday he was crying AGAIN. This time it was because someone threw out his reward poster. Yup… you read correctly. Jay somehow convinced two kids in his class to make reward posters for the missing fish eraser. A tiny 3/4″ eraser. One of those that come in bulk for like $2 a gross. This is what my son is upset about loosing. But it was not even all of these… it was just one. The blue, pink and green one to be exact. When Jay […]

Good Luck Charms

Hubby and I got into a little disagreement yesterday about Jay and his new need to have a good luck charm. I get the importance of good luck charms really I do. Believing that good luck comes to us because of a special coin, a 4 leaf clover, rabbit’s foot or in Jay’s case a tiny fish eraser may seem superstitious, but it is more the intention of the symbol. Energies work through symbols, I get that. These charms or symbols make him feel better… I get it. Really I do get this. I also get that when he looses them… which he always seems to do, he is devastated. This is why I have been trying to pry these little charms out of his […]