Amazing how 3 cups of coffee can give you an entirely new perspective on things!

You know you have been married a LONG time when you ask your hubby to buy you a new coffee maker for Valentine’s DAY! Yup that is what I did. And to my happiness… the wonderful man gave me my new maker EARLY! Sunday morning I awoke to the smell of dry roasted goodness! Oh how I had missed that. Along with the new fancy schmancy maker were 3 bags of flavored coffees for me to try. Well of course that meant I had to try ALL 3 this morning! I went from this: To this: The transition was obviously too much because my son, who had just informed me the day before that he had learned about the dangers of  inhalants in his DARE […]

FINALLY… the post about how Christmas really went!

With photos too! So by now if you read my Facebook page you know that all in all it was a great holiday for us. I was prepared for the worst and surprised by the best. Okay maybe BEST is stretching it, but all in all it did go well. So we had a plan. Many of you have been asking if things went accordingly. It started out that way. First we made cookies. Of course eating them was the most fun. I gave them total creative freedom. We ended up with a Christmas caterpillar and a Christmas fish! I love the lips on this fish! How cute is she?After the cookies we started our movie marathon with The GRINCH! This too was a success. […]

It’s National Donut Day Today!

HAPPY National Donut DAY!!!! Yes my children were very quick to point this holiday out to me.  So I thought I would post this  so you would know you can get a free donut today with the purchase of a free beverage at Dunkin Donuts. And to go along with the Donut theme… I thought I would re-post a blog I did 3 months ago. It is a funny little story that happened at… yup you guessed it- Dunkin Donuts! Enjoy! FIND A PENNY PICK IT UP As a special treat I took my kids to Dunkin Donuts yesterday. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea too because we had to wait in line. Waiting is hard for any child but to an ASPIE… […]

“THAT” Mom!

I have a new friend. He is about 4 and a half feet tall, and has dark hair just like my son. In fact he is the same age as my son. In fact he is my son’s good friend. Okay get your mind out of the gutter… it’s not some sick Mrs. Robinson type thing. It is just our neighbor who just so happens to think I am a neat. I know this because he said it to me yesterday after I gave him cookies, “You’re neat for a mom!” You see some how I have become “THAT” mom. You know the cool mom who always has chocolate chip cookie batter in her freezer so she can just pop a few cookies in the […]

“gochisohsama deshita” or Compliments to the Chef!

I had a lunch date with a male who was not my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! We talked and ate for almost 2 hours… and he was nice enough to not even bring his DS to the table. In case you still can’t figure it out, Jay and I went to lunch together … just him and I! Gracie’s social calendar was full yesterday. She had a pedicure party in the morning and then a play date with a different friend in the afternoon. Grace is the exact opposite of Jay, she is my social butterfly. She can flit around from group to group and fit right in. I think this is a great trait and by all means want to encourage her […]

Holy Guacamole… the boy likes tortillas!

Yesterday we decided to go grab a quick bite to eat before going to the movies. We drove to the strip mall and were faced with two choices of restaurants. Jay chose Uncle Julio. My hubby and I looked at each other in surprise, but who were we to question his decision… besides I am always happy about Mexican food! Jay obviously did not read the sign very well for you should have seen his face when he looked at the menu. I know eating out with any child can be a challenge, but throw in there Aspergers… well you get all sorts of new challenges. Many children with Aspergers are sensitive to smell, taste, texture and even temperature of food. Jay is no exception. […]