Holy Guacamole… the boy likes tortillas!

Yesterday we decided to go grab a quick bite to eat before going to the movies. We drove to the strip mall and were faced with two choices of restaurants. Jay chose Uncle Julio. My hubby and I looked at each other in surprise, but who were we to question his decision… besides I am always happy about Mexican food! Jay obviously did not read the sign very well for you should have seen his face when he looked at the menu. I know eating out with any child can be a challenge, but throw in there Aspergers… well you get all sorts of new challenges. Many children with Aspergers are sensitive to smell, taste, texture and even temperature of food. Jay is no exception. […]

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

It makes complete sense to me why the Puzzle Piece has been chosen as the International Symbol of Autism. People who fall into the Autistic Spectrum tend to feel isolated from “NORMAL SOCIETY” and therefore may feel like they don’t “fit in”. The piece could represent the fact that in order for the beautiful picture to be revealed, well it takes a lot of effort and a lot of different pieces to make it happen:parents, family, friends, doctors, teachers and so on. Maybe it was chosen as the icon because many children who have autism play with puzzles as they are a “by yourself” type of activity in which you are not required to interact with others. Or as my son so eloquently put it, […]

Curse You Ben Franklin

I am jumping on the I hate Daylight Saving Time whining wagon! What was Benjamin Franklin thinking when he conceived this? Shifting an hour from the morning to evening may have made sense to him, but he obviously was not thinking about what this change would do to his fellow Asperger friends. (Yes they say Ben was an Aspie too.) In case you could not tell, Jay is not handling the time change very well. Jay, like most autistic children, needs structure and routine. When things don’t go as they should (the way he perceives they should at least) well frustration and meltdowns occur. When the time changes, it is more than just an inconvenience to him. The external clock is an entire hour off […]


Am I Happy? Today I realized that this question, one that I seem to ask myself frequently, is really a closed question! “Am I Happy?” suggest an end to a process, a definable point, a conclusion of some pursuit.This point never really exist, unless of course you die then someone else would have to make the assumption that you were happy and you wouldn’t be around to confirm… well you get the picture. Besides, what determines happiness? Do we base it on others level of happiness? And if we do, how do we know if they are really happy? What does happy even really mean? Surely what I would define happiness as would not be the same definition as how my husband would define it. […]

“Have to” vs “Want to”

Today my son turns double digits. Yup the Big One-O!!! But instead of waking up excited, happy and ready to celebrate this momentous occasion… I woke up cranky, emotional and completely on edge. It was no accident that the jacket I chose to throw on this morning to walk the kids to school had a giant picture of GRUMPY on it. My husband took the day off from work so that we can both go to school and have lunch with Jay. After school we are having a few of the neighborhood boys over for cake and ice cream. And tonight we will go to dinner at a restaurant of the birthday boy’s choice. But after the way I treated my hubby this morning, he […]


Signs are all around us… and I am not referring to the STOP, Caution: Men at Work; Speed Limit 45 ones… obviously those kind are all around us too. I mean SIGNS… like from the man upstairs kind.  First let me say that I do not consider myself a very religious person. Instead I would say I am spiritual. I do believe in a Higher Power. I also believe that there are no accidents, everything happens for a reason, we may not be able to understand the reason right away, but none the less a reason does exists. But knowing that there is a purpose for our existence in our head and feeling it in your heart are two very different things. I used to […]