“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff FOR MOMS” Book review and #GIVEAWAY!!!

I have been so excited to do this review ever since the publicist contacted me asking if I would be interested in doing it. I have had the book a month now and FINALLY I am sitting down to tell you about it. You see it took time to write this because  like a good box of chocolates… I took my time reading this book and truly enjoyed each and every bite of it, wanting to make the delicious words last forever. I knew Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms  was going to be good, but folks this book should be a must read for every mom! Seriously! I am talking as soon as you see the little blue line on the stick or […]

Let’s Keep it Going…

My head is spinning. Over 31,000 people on Facebook and 20,000 here on my blog viewed A Letter To the Mom Who Rolled Her Eyes At My Son. The comments and emails… well they touched my soul to say the least. My heart breaks to think how much my story resonates to so many others. Actually it makes me very sad to know that so many of you have had your own “Eyes Rolled” moments and much worse.  Story after story brought me to tears. The mother who wrote to me about the man who yelled at her child who was simply playing in a ball pit that he had no business being in there with the other normal kids. The little girl in a […]

Realistic Ways to Balance “Momminess” & “Sexiness” (On Mother’s Day & Beyond)- Guest post by author Lori Verni-Fogarsi

It is MAY 1st and I have decided that this is the month that I seriously start putting on my oxygen mask first! If you read this blog, you know I have been toying around with this for a while now. So why then all the sudden am I so gun ho? Well… I read this great fictional novel  called, “MOMNESIA” and let’s just say it hit home! You guys have to read this book! It is a quick light read that is funny yet at the same time will make you stop and think! If you are a mom, plan on becoming a mom or have a mom… YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a copy for […]

Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming!!!

For some families, weekends are all about sporting events. They pack their mini vans with portable chairs and a cooler of drinks and off they head to the soccer field to watch little Johnny score another goal. For others the weekends are all about family adventures… a time to explore a cavern, hike a nature trail or camp in the woods. And then there is my family. I am reasonable with my expectations for weekends. For us the weekend is about just relaxing as my boy needs that down time after being on GO all week. But every once in a while I long for an outing. Oh sure we have managed to be able to do a movie together … but I am talking […]

Never Leave a Fallen Solider Behind…

I am changing stuff up here folks because well… I need to. This post will still be about Autism but it is not about my journey with it. No this  post is about the 23,000 military family children who have autism’s journey. Last month I had the great honor of meeting a very active military spouse who is an outstanding Military Family Advocate. This gentleman is also the father to a special needs child himself. Although his child does not have autism, he knows how difficult it is for the families who do to get the services they need to help their child. You see TRICARE  is a federal program and not subject to state insurance laws . Currently TRICARE segregates ABA ( Applied Behavior […]

What Goes on Must Come OFF- Jay’s cast removal

Well today was the day that we all were waiting for and dreading… the cast came off. Jay was over it!  Talk about sensory overload. The itchiness, the idea of all that dirt in there, the weight of it… too much. And yet he was so anxious about what he would find underneath. My boy, the same kid who has to know in detail about everything else, did not want to know or SEE how they removed the bone. We took Grace out of school too so we could make it a special occasion. We told him how afterwards we would go out to eat a late lunch, that kind of thing. Gracie I am happy to report was a superstar and even held her […]

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

I have a confession to make… I am a fake, a liar a really good actress. I know how to dish out advice but actually following it… I am not so good at.  Perhaps I should back up a little so you understand where this is coming from. Gracie has been having a real hard time this past week. With Jay needing even more of my time because of his foot she has been , well jealous, unruly and even downright disrespectful. Not just to me… at school to her teachers and her friends too. In fact her teacher even said to me, “Sharon I get where it is coming from, but if you don’t get a hold of this now, well when hormones kick […]


Hey there folks… I know I have been MIA lately and I apologize for that. That silly thing called LIFE just keeps on happening, which I guess is a rather good thing because the alternative is not very nice. 🙂 So much has been going on that I honestly do not even know where to begin. Do I tell you how we finally found a HOUSE and will no longer be homeless come this summer when we get kicked out of this one because the wonderful military family we have been renting from is coming home. (GREAT FOR THEM… not so great for us.) Not only did we find a house, we found one that is practically across the street from where we are now […]

Things To Do When You Are Home Sick- by my 8 year old daughter Gracie

Mama’s Editor’s Note: Okay folks my daughter wrote this and asked that I share it with you all. It is so cute I had too! Feel free to leave Gracie a comment and make sure to check out the story we wrote together (mostly her I just typed) while she was home. It is found under Gracie’s Turn Now Tab above. Okay without further ado… Gracie’s post! Hey folks, it’s Gracie here. First, I’d like to apologize. I know I haven’t written a post in a while. HEY, girls are busy. O.K. the last couple of days I’ve been sick. YUCK. At first I was a bit bored. But then I decided to make a list of things to do while you are home from […]