May all your Bubbles that Burst be Bubble Wrap Ones!

The last few Days I have been all worked up and on a mission to get an apology from David Germain. I really believed that if we all worked together and wrote emails and flooded the inbox of the Associated Press that we would get that apology too. POP! I had this vision of Mr. Germain being called into his editor’s office and all  of our emails, which would have been printed out, would be thrown into Germain’s face. The editor would demand he retract his review and immediately apologize. And then my bubble burst. POP POP! For those that did not see my Facebook page last night here is the email I got and posted there: My apologies, Sharon. This is the first I’m […]

Going Home- Tears and cheers at the same time

I cannot believe how fast our time here in Miami has gone by. But alas… today we pack up the car, the kids and the dog and again hit the road. We are not only leaving behind sunny 80 degree weather, leisure lazy mornings, late night chess games with grandpa, unlimited computer time and our endless supply of Cuban Crackers (Jay and my husband’s most favorite thing in the whole world and something we cannot get back home) we are also leaving behind family and friends not knowing when we will see them again. So I am bracing for the meltdown already. I have already seen little signs of one coming. My brave Jay is doing his best to keep it together but it is […]

Autism SUCKS- There I said it!

I love my child… I don’t want to change him. But some days I absolutely positively HATE the nasty side of autism that has its huge big ugly claws wrapped so tightly around him and  no matter how hard I try to ripe him from its nasty grasp I just can’t! It leaves me exhausted, frustrated, defeated and mostly just sad! And what it does to him…oh it makes my heart ache just thinking about it. So yes… today I can shout out loud that AUTISM SUCKS! The doctor said Jay could go back to school today as long as he sat out of PE and recess. He was excited. He was caught up on all his work. He missed the other kids, some of […]


Yesterday I bragged about how mature my boy is getting and how he showed so much empathy and I will go as far as even saying GRACE. (Go back and read if you haven’t already!) Today I am going a step further… are you ready for this? I left my kids (Yes plural) home alone for an hour and they did great!!! It is funny because for a typical family, perhaps this would not be so HUGE… but we are anything but a typical family. My boy may look like an average 10 1/2 year old, but in so many ways he is younger than his 8 year old sister. But I had a meeting at the school (Which is literally across the street from […]

Never Mind Handwriting Without Tears… I needed HOMEWORK Without Tears… and I think we got it!

If you follow me on my Facebook page you read earlier in the week that I was having a really rough time with Jay trying to get him to do his homework. Meltdown after meltdown. My boy was frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling beaten. One night after putting him to bed I broke down in a heap and cried. I cried because I could see how much my boy was hurting and I could not figure out what to do to make it better. Then it came to me… his real problem was organization. Jay was getting upset not because the material was too difficult, but because he did not know what to do first and he felt well as I said before OVERWHELMED!  I needed […]

A Mind Journey to the Beach

“Mom I can’t sleep. Will you take me on a journey?” he says to me. I can see he is wired tonight. He fidgets and doesn’t even want the dog to lay next to him. “Sure. We haven’t needed to do one in a while. Is there something bothering you?” I ask not able to recall anything happening that might have caused his anxiousness today. “I just can’t quiet my head mom. I have all these thoughts and chatter going on. I can’t explain. Can we just go to the beach.” I can see talking about it is making him even more upset so I stop and sit down and start to take my boy on his journey, a guided imagery exercise we used to […]


As I write this I am listening to something I haven’t heard in two months… QUIET! Yup folks the day is finally here… they went back to school! And so far no phone calls. (Gosh I hope I did not just jinx myself! Knock on wood, salt over shoulder and any other good luck thing I am supposed to do!) It was a great morning. I have to admit I was nervous. You see yesterday Jay was full of anxiety. He was worried about how much homework he would get this year, who he would sit with at lunch, even middle school which is a whole year away! My boy can worry with the best of them it seems. To get both kids minds off […]

Where were you when the earth started shaking?

42… is just a number. It is not a very memorable birthday, but my 42 birthday will be going down in the history books. The day that a 5.9 earthquake literally shook up a bunch of east coasters. Now I know if you live on the west coast or perhaps if you were even one of the many folks who unfortunately experienced the quake in Japan, you probably don’t get what all the fuss it is about. But for us folks who only know rock and roll as a form of music and never think of it as the earths plates moving… well you can see how this would be headline news for us. I have to admit though, I did not realize it was […]

Tired Supermom or One SUPER TIRED MOM?

Instead of a weekly wrap up of different posts I have read… I am going to do a weekly wrap up on ME!!! I have focused a lot the past few days on Jay and his leaps and falls. I briefly  have touched or mentioned myself. This post will be about me. I am actually going to try to go there. So watch out because honestly, I am not sure where THERE is. So here is what I have been thinking. I spend a great deal of time worrying and questioning myself. There are a lot of things worrying me. Things that I wont get into publicly, but are there nonetheless. A couple of times I have felt overwhelming fear over things I know I […]

Part TWO- Or Jay Tries to Run AWAY!

Yesterday I started telling you a about Jay’s meltdown of all meltdowns. If you have not read Part One of this story go ahead… we can wait. So I left off with Gracie asking if I needed a hug. It amazes me how sometimes she can be so mature, so in tuned with others and their needs. It also saddens me because it makes me realize how much Jay isn’t like that. Grace tried hard to make me laugh. She was betting me how long it would take Jay to come out of the bathroom. “I bet he will be out in 10 minutes, saying he is sorry and how hungry he is. Just wait Mama you will see!” Well she was right, at least […]