Yesterday I started writing this beautiful and LONG heart-felt post about all that I am grateful for. It had meaning, well at least to me, and I wanted so much to keep writing and then to post it so the whole world could see how blessed I am and how yes even though I whine and bitch I do know how lucky I am and appreciate it. (And I also know how to write really long run on sentences! Sorry I have not finished my first cup of coffee so my thoughts are all jumbled together and messy! Please stay with me here I will eventually make a point!) But then Jay walked into my office and asked me to come and watch the Macy’s […]

“Being autistic means that you get to be incredibly happy!” Guest Post by Kasey Smith

EDITORS NOTE: The incredible thing about the internet is the ability to meet all sorts of people from all over the world. I love the community page I have on Facebook. It is a positive place where everyone shares what they feel and knows that others will not jump all over them, even if they differ in opinion. The fact that it is a safe place is why I believe I have been fortunate to have so many grownups with Aspergers join us. I love this more than I can explain! These incredible folks are able to share their first hand insight with us and make me understand things that I just never would have gotten without them. One of those folks who enlightened me […]

Remembering 911 and teaching our kids who weren’t there or were too young to remember about it!

 NOTE: The following was originally posted last year here on Mama’s Turn Now. Today I gave my children red, white and blue sprinkled donuts… a huge treat! As they looked at the sugary goodness on their plate they were confused. Mom they said, “Today is not a holiday to celebrate!” Jay said to me. And I shook my head and said, “You are correct… it is a day to remember! I wanted you to remember that… thus the sugary donut!” Today they ate their donuts in quiet. God Bless our country and all those that fight to keep us safe! While walking my son home from school on Friday I asked him if they mentioned why in school that the flag was at half mast. […]

Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming!!!

For some families, weekends are all about sporting events. They pack their mini vans with portable chairs and a cooler of drinks and off they head to the soccer field to watch little Johnny score another goal. For others the weekends are all about family adventures… a time to explore a cavern, hike a nature trail or camp in the woods. And then there is my family. I am reasonable with my expectations for weekends. For us the weekend is about just relaxing as my boy needs that down time after being on GO all week. But every once in a while I long for an outing. Oh sure we have managed to be able to do a movie together … but I am talking […]

How we spent World Autism Awareness Day

I know there is much debate in the Autism community about whether or not one should support Autism speaks or not. I posted about this awhile back after we did the walk. And I wrote this status on my Facebook page the other day: I have to tell you although I have all colors on my door (Gracie made the signs you will see) and everything else around my house… we too have blue light bulbs, and planted blue flowers and made a Light it Up blue sign. We also did the Autism Speaks walk and while we did the last one my son walked right over to the protesters, and talked to them. It was rather interesting. They told him how they had Autism […]

An Autism Fairytale- How we went from happily ever after to not so happy to yes it is OKAY to be happy again!

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom there lived a King and Queen. One day the Queen decided that it was time to have an heir. For many months they tried to conceive this child but to there regret, nothing happened. Twice the Queen became pregnant but alas those babies were not destined to walk the earth. The Queen grew sad. Then one day the Queen found out that she was with child. Her joy could be heard throughout the land. An even bigger celebration was held when the Queen found out that not only would there be one child their would be two. But one day the Queen felt ill and went to the royal doctors. What was once a twin was […]

You Know You Are the Mother or Father of an Aspie at Christmas Time When…

You Know You Are the Mom or Dad of an Aspie at Christmas Time When… 1.)  When Photoshopping a picture of your Aspie in with the rest of the family for the Christmas card seems perfectly normal 2.)  When you find yourself wondering if the Grinch was just a misunderstood Aspie who needed some social skills training. Why can’t those WHOs accept  him for the unique hairy green guy he is! Sigh 3.)  When you feel like calling the 5 o’clock news because your Aspie participated in making the Gingerbread house with the rest of the family without you having to bribe him with the promise of a new video game or book 4.)  When making the above mentioned gingerbread house suddenly is  no longer […]

Monday Morning – Coffee DOES make it better!

It’s Monday already? Where does the weekend go? I seriously think someone is playing tricks with the clock because it definitely feels like I missed some hours there somewhere. Monday came WAY to fast. Don’t get me wrong, I am always more than happy to get the kids back to school and have a quiet house for a little bit. Trying to write while they are home is near in possible. What with the interruptions, and the yelling and the whole having to feed them thing. Geez what are they kids or something? Today was even harder than most Mondays for me. I woke up with the worst sinus headache. You know the kind that hurts when you bend over. OUCH! My teeth were even […]

Remembering 911 and teaching our kids who weren’t there or were too young to remember about it!

While walking my son home from school on Friday I asked him if they mentioned why in school that the flag was at half mast. He stopped, looked back at the flag and said, “Hey you are right. Why is it like that mom?” I asked if they mentioned anything at all about September 11th. Jay then went on to tell me that the teachers said nothing but that one of his friends was talking about how his uncle was supposed to be in the World Trade Center that day but he had missed his train into work. “He would have died mom. A plane crashed into the building! How freaky is that?” I asked if he knew why that plane crashed into it and […]

Do Animals Have Aspergers?

I took the kids the other day to a local hands on zoo. While we were walking around I happened to ask Jay the question, “Do you think animals have Aspergers?” He stopped and thought a moment before he answered, “Yes, some. Some animals our really smart, they outsmart their predators. They have to think in a different way to just survive. Those animals… yes they have Aspergers.” Wow how profound is that? Today while downloading some other pictures off my camera I came across the zoo pictures. I called Jay in to take a look at them. “Which of these animals do you think has Aspergers, and why?”, I asked him. Below is his response. I warn you ahead of time… be prepared to […]