Mama Bear Fights Back

Imagine  sitting in the back of the room at Back to School Night and you hear some obnoxious parents bad talking a student in the class. That student they are talking about is your son. What do you do?

What I did was to loudly but calmly inform the parent that the child they were talking about was my child and if they have a problem they should address me in private and not during Back to School Night. Then I  sat down and did my best to keep it together for the rest of the teacher’s presentation. Of course I went home and cried! It is a good thing that my husband was not there because I don’t think he would have been so nice. And let me tell you.. I could have talked smack about this particular parent’s child just as well… but two wrongs don’t make a right. Anyway I felt a need to inform this parent and those that obviously over heard the entire ordeal. So below is how this Mama Bear fought back! We have not had any problems since!


Dear Parents,

Hello, my name is Sharon and I am the proud mom of Jay who is in your son or daughter’s 4th grade class this year. I know that getting a letter like this is nontraditional, but as a parent, I also know that information is knowledge. If you know about Jay, then you will be able to help your child understand him more. We all just want what is best for our children. I respect that and I also respect your time so I will get to my point here.

As you ask your kids how their day was and about the kids in their class, some of them may have mentioned my son, Jay. Perhaps they mentioned the fact that we are new here and just moved back from being stationed overseas. They might have said that he is really smart, or maybe they commented that he is really funny. They may have informed you that he acts a little odd, he cries when he is frustrated, that he talks a lot, or maybe that sometimes when he gets excited he flaps his hands. All of these would be accurate descriptions of Jay as he is all of this and more. What they and perhaps you do not know is that they just also described a person who has Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism, which is what Jay has.

For those that don’t know I will try to explain what Aspergers Syndrome is. Please know that this is just my personal explanation and that I am not by any means a doctor, nor am I trying to claim to be one. I am just a mom of an Aspie Kid (that is what we call them) trying to do what is best to help my child. Clinically defined Aspergers  is a type of autism in which someone does not develop normal social abilities, and they are often very interested in one particular subject. Since Aspergers is a neurological disorder, Jay’s brain functions on a higher level and differently than yours or mine. His senses work, but the information they send to his brain can get misfiled or come in on the wrong pathways. Sometimes, all the info from all his senses hits his brain all at once like a million radio stations playing at the same time, and he doesn’t know how to filter out the unnecessary and pay attention to what’s important. This condition has advantages and disadvantages. On the good side, Aspie kids like Jay, can be unbelievably smart at some things, like remembering different computer codes; dates, facts and trivia; or different mathematical formulas for algebra problems. On the bad side, their muscles aren’t as strong, they can be clumsy and uncoordinated, they may have trouble working in groups, and they may have a hard time understanding others body language, indirect language and intonation.

I am telling all this to you not so that you will feel sorry for my son, but on the contrary, for if you pity him; you also pity all the great people like him, for example: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Mark Twain who all have been said to have had autistic traits. Jay is a great kid who just may need a little extra help when his radio stations get crossed. Our teacher and the school are wonderful and are all aware of Jay and his special needs. They know how to keep him on track and will lovingly do so. Jay will not take away from your child’s class time; in fact I can guarantee you that he will add to it with his wealth of information, and his great sense of humor. Having an Aspie Kid in the class and as a friend can sometimes be challenging, but can also be very rewarding. And who knows, your child may just become friends with someone who in the future may end up discovering a new alternative energy source; solve the world’s hunger problem; or more likely, help them with trig or physics in high school.

Warmest Regards,

Sharon (Aka Jay’s Mom)

11 thoughts on “Mama Bear Fights Back

  1. Sharon,
    I am a wreck after reading this! Jay is a wonder, his sister is a wonder AND you are a wonderful wonder!
    Please keep writing and informing.
    Love Emma

    1. Thank you Emma! No need to be a wreck! This letter put that parent in his place! He is ashamed to even look at me at other school functions. I on the other hand can hold my head up proudly because I know I behaved in the correct way. And on a better note… Jay has made some really good friends this year and I honestly believe it is because of this letter and that those parents sat down and explained some things to their kids. So good comes out of everything I am finding! Thanks for commenting. Hope you continue to read my blog and make sure to tell others too as well. I am finding out that there are many people I have known for a LONG time that are facing similar situations and I never knew!

  2. AWESOME job Sharon! That is a wonderful, respectful to all letter! What a simply proactive away to help Jay! It is a great idea!


  3. My son is also started 4th grade, a faces all the same challenges I pray with more time spent in understanding and communicating the lives of all of us affected by this will be rewarded… I love your inspiration, it made me cry and really look at so much that need to be addressed….

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