Look Where My Articles have Appeared…

I have been fortunate to have my articles, humor pieces and essays appear in many books, magazines and online websites. Here are just a few links to some of my work.

 A Few Feature Articles:

Learning To Step Back

The 5 S’s To Better Communication with Your Kids

When Being Social Doesn’t Come Easy

Before You Buy Your Tween a Cell Phone

Someone To Watch Over Me- Canine Companions For Autistic Kids

Tips For Relocating With A Special Needs Child

Stranger Danger and Special Needs Children


A Few Humor Pieces:

Sweet Tooth

Find A Penny

Making Memories, or, Oh No…I’m THAT Mom!

Snake Charmer

Shooting Craps

Twas One Month Into Summer Break


A Few Essays:

The Privilege of Raising an Autistic Son

My Son Has Asperger’s Syndrome and I Want You To Know This…

No Offense Grandma (Appeared in Chicken Soup Book)

To The Mother Who Rolled Her Eyes At My Son

Jay’s Odyssey Tales (Appeared in Chicken Soup Book)




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