The Two Dimensional Portal Pool

Not long ago my parents had a pool put in our backyard. I was the first one to dive in. When I went inside strange flashing lights  were around me. The Pool suddenly spat me out. When I looked up at the sky I saw something that was definitely not normal. I saw the sun and stars. The stars were visible even though it was daytime.

When I went back inside my house I saw something even stranger. My 7-year-old baby sister was taller than my parents and she was cooking for them. My parents were asking my sister for breakfast, even though it was really dinner time.  I noticed that where the floor tiles should be there were flowers and grass. I ran to the window and sure enough the floor tiles were now in the garden.  The weirdest thing of all was that I could see my school… and it was upside down.

“My sister saw me,” You are just in time for Breakfast!” I ran out the door and up the hill. On top of the hill I met an old man. He asked where I was from. I told him. He said he was a resident of my house too, but before I lived there. He had a pool back then too. He said the pool was really a portal to another dimension.  He jumped in the pool and had ended up here. His wife had drained the pool back up after he was gone for so long. He was trapped here.

When I told him that the pool was back his face turned into a happy expression. He told me  we had to get back before anyone else dove in, or else they all could be trapped. So we raced back to the pool. We dove back in at the same time.

I told my mom to drain the pool and not let anyone else dive in. I thought that would be the end of my adventure until my mom saw the old man standing next me!


31 thoughts on “The Two Dimensional Portal Pool

  1. Wow! I got chills.
    This is very good, Jay! I think I would have freaked out to see my sister taller than my parents. Yikes!
    Good thing that old man helped to get you back in time.
    Great Story!! I look forward to reading more of your stories!!

  2. My friend, Bernie, sent me over here to read this story and I am so glad she did!!! What a great story, Jay! You had me trying to figure out what was going to happen from the first sentence!! And you fooled me! I could not see the old man coming !!!! Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  3. Jay, what a creative story, that leaves the reader wondering what will happen next. I’m quite certain I would be terrified to dive into that pool of strangeness.

    As a gardener, I fully appreciated that flowers and grass replaced the floor tiles. Nice touch to the story.

    Keep on writing.

  4. This is one great story! I enjoyed reading your Blog today, Jay! And here I was thinking I may just go jump into my pool for a refreshing dip….maybe I will wait a little while before I do that. 😉

  5. Wow, Jay, what an awesome story! You’ve got a great imagination, and you’re such an amazing writer. So detailed, I felt like I was pulled right into the story with you…like your words were a portal to your world. Loved it! Bernie from One Mixed Bag recommended your story to me, and I’m so glad she did! You’ve definitely got a gift with words 🙂

  6. This is a wonderful story Jay, I will remember this when I jump into my pool…what’s on the other side! Can’t wait to read another one!

  7. enough about being a good story, it is and i think you should send a copy to a child magazine. it might be publish, either way it was well written and very suspenseful, your talent is just like your great grand father luke.

  8. Great story Jay! Very imaginative. Is there a Part 2 for how the old man’s world had changed since he’s been gone? It will make me think twice next time I jump in the pool!

  9. Great story, and I agree with everyone about the ending being a big surprise! Didn’t see it coming. Daniela said “really cool story!”

  10. What a great story! I hope you continue with your writing so we know what your Mom thought as well as the Old Man! You have a great imagination and way with storytelling. Please don’t leave us in suspense!

  11. Jay, I enjoyed this story so much. I especially liked your description of the pool “spitting me out.” There is so much going on in this story involving the senses. Very descriptive!

  12. I like your stories Jay. You have a great imagination. I am curious what is going to happen to the old man. I have lots of question about him. Please add a chapter.

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  13. Very cool story! I too, want to hear more about this old man? Did you become friends with him and what kind of stories did he tell you? I loved how you could see the stars even though it was daylight out and I tried to imagine what that looked like in my head. Thank you for sharing your imagination!
    PS – my friend Bernie told me about your story and I’m really glad that I listened to her and stop by to read it.

  14. Hi Jay,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I wish it were warm enough where I live, (in Minnesota) to jump in the pool. But soon we will be able too. Keep writing I like your stories.

  15. What a fantastic story, you should consider being a writer!! Usually short tales don’t draw folks in because you don’t have enough time to have something like that unfold, you did an amazing job, I was hooked at the first line!! I look forward to seeing more writting from you, keep up the great work. 🙂

  16. What a terrific story, you should really consider a writing career!! Usually short tales don’t draw me in because there isn’t enough time for it to unfold, you did an amazing job. I was interested from the opening sentence!! I look forward to seeing more writing from you.

  17. Hi Jay,

    I live in Medford, Oregon and was happy to have the chance to read your blog story courtesy of my niece, Bernie Nordman-Wahl. I liked the story and hope you will write and share others. You have quite a fan club.

    Your friend, Pat Doemland

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  19. Hi Jay,

    Bernie from One Mixed Bag wrote about your story today and I just had to stop by and read it for myself. I love storys like this, it gave me goose bumps ! Will the old man ever get back to where he came from ?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Jay and a fun summer.

  20. Hello Jay! Bernie sent me here and I’m so glad she did!

    I love your story, it’s really quite intriguing. I do hope you write part 2 because I’d really like to know more about the old man.

    You have a fabulous imagination and a very good way of expressing it through your words. Do keep it up, we need stories like yours!

  21. fantastic story!! I want a pool as another portal…..but i want to be able to come back when my Girls are behaving. {{grin}}

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