The Time Machine

One day I got a present. It was a…watch. I put the watch on. I set the watch for 5:19. Then my room started spinning! IT SUDDENLY STOPPED!! Then I saw a T-Rex! It was running after me. It looked very hungry. The T-Rex was gaining on me when I tried to set my watch to 20:11 and I was back in my room. I thought “That watch must be a time machine.”

The next day I tried the watch again. This time I set it for 8:20. This time I was in castle times. There was a party going on. I went to that party. I started to dance. The king did not like the dance so he sent me to the dungeon. But before his men could get me I set the watch to 20:11. I was back in my room. I thought “That was one crazy king.”

The next day after that I set the watch for 9:50. The next thing I know I was in the hands of a savage. HE WAS GOING TO EAT ME!!!! I tried to reach the watch but my hands were tied up. So I had to type it with my tongue. Back to my room I went. I thought “That is the last of time travel for me.”

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